Innovative Uses of Display Counters in Automobile Showrooms


Welcome to the world of automobile industry. The world is now much more relied on vehicles more than ever before. Also, this is a fact that there are various kinds of vehicles to choose from. If you are someone planning to buy a car or a bike, then you will have to firstly decide which vehicle is suitable for you. Then, depending on the daily usage you will go for the petrol, diesel or CNG option. These days EV engines are in trend as they emit zero carbon and leaves the environment healthy and pollution free.

You might have noticed various display counters such as gondola shelving, till counters and other such cabinets in these automobile showrooms. A question might have definitely come up in the inquisitive minds that why have these cabinets been installed? Will the showroom not function without these cabinets? Here in the subsequent paragraphs, we will discuss about what are the various uses of these cabinets in the showrooms and why are they important in the first place?

1. Showcasing Cutting-Edge Technology

The display counters in the showrooms have the latest interactive touchscreens installed in them. These touchscreens give the real feeling of the movement of the vehicle. For example, if you are buying a car, these counters will have the dummy parts of the car showcased in them and the videos playing nearby so that you get to understand things in real. There are a number of things which you must understand before buying such as the engine model, the emission rate, the pickup capacity, etc. Installation of display units in the showroom to serve this purpose is the best choice as it will help customers in getting to know the vehicles a little closer.

Gondola Shelving

2. Customisation Stations

The installation of frameless display cabinets in the showrooms helps in making things go real time. With the setting up of these cabinets, you can easily get tabs or other such software devices installed on them. Here you can ask you customers to see what the customisation looks like. With the help of the software on the tabs, the customers can easily change the colour of the car and other parts such as your customer can add the spoiler to the car to see how the look changes and whether they want that look or not? According the customer will be able to decide what they want in their vehicle and what not. Also, the colour factor is a cherry on the cake.

3. Themed Displays for Seasonal Excitement

You can set up themed displays depending on the season of the upcoming festivals. With the help of large display cabinets with pre-installed LED Bulb Holders, you can get an interactive and vibrant showroom ready. Along with this, you can also get the seasonal discounts or the added benefits displayed which will help in attracting customers towards the showroom.

4. Live Streaming Events and Product Launches

You can also setup a large cabinet with an LED TV installed which will live stream all the events and the product launches that are happening or the upcoming launches that may happen so that the customers will have an idea of the latest updates which maybe coming up soon. The installation of these cabinets with LED screens also helps in creating and aura of sales and marketing. Various videos of different variants of cars can be played so that the customers get to closely witness the different cars of the brand in the showroom itself and get the doubts cleared if any by the brand experts.

Summing Up

There are a number of reasons why cabinets are important in the automobile showrooms and why they are important. In the first paragraph we had a question- will the automobile showroom not function without these cabinets? Well, the modern customer needs interactive outlets to have the best experience. The automobile showrooms will function without the cabinets but if there are no interactive units in the showrooms, of course it will not help in convincing the customers to buy a certain model as thing appear to more much more appealing in glasses and videos.

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