Innovative Porcelain Tiles Designs to Transform Modern Interior Spaces


Over the past few years, the concept of interior decor has evolved a lot and become more fashionable with the arrival of innovative designs of porcelain tiles. These tiles have gained popularity because of their stunning and mesmerising designs, versatility, and broad spectrum of colour options, which you can explore if you visit any good tile showroom in Kanchipuram. They are perfect for transforming any modern interior space into a delightful masterpiece of art. Born from the collaboration of artistic craftsmanship and innovative digital printing technology, these tiles offer a magical blend of aesthetics and usability. Due to their evolution, it sometimes becomes hard to choose a perfect match for your interior space. So, here are some innovative porcelain tile options that you can choose for your modern spaces’ interior decors. 

Unique Porcelain Tile Designs to Transform Modern Interior Spaces

Geometric Tiles

The geometrical shapes have transferred from the classrooms and entered the modern interior decors. Even if you are not fond of maths and particularly, geometric shapes, you will like the captivating designs of geometric tiles. From circles to squares, you can find all sorts of geometric shapes in modern settings. You can also consider classic geometric patterns like herringbone and chevron to make your interiors the epitome of visual styles and create a strong positive impression on your guests. Besides, these porcelain tiles come in diverse colours and finishes, so you can find one that suits your needs and interior decor. 

Porcelain Wood Tiles

Just because porcelain tiles have the lowest water absorption rates, you should not limit their usage to only damp spaces. Consider the option of wooden porcelain tiles which are perfect for every space, offering a modern and sleek look to the interiors with a natural feel. These tiles come in an array of woody textures and looks, with better durability and lower maintenance, making them the rivals of any hardwood options available in the market today. You can use them in diverse ways, from flooring to accent walls. So, if you like to infuse a natural feel into your interior setting while making it look more refined, consider laying wooden porcelain tiles. 

Marble-Effect Tiles

What else can offer a more luxurious feel than marble? Nothing, but thankfully, you have the option of marble-effect porcelain tiles available at any good tile showroom in Kanchipuram that can provide the same eternal grace of natural marble to your interiors and at a much lower cost. Even though these tiles have the same appearance as marble with mesmerising veining designs, they are more durable and easy to take care of compared to the natural ones. Natural marble can get discoloured and absorb water, but marble porcelain tiles come with a long lifespan and are resistant to water. So, if you need a luxe tile option for your interior with a timeless vibe, go with marble-effect tiles. 

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Patterned Tiles 

Patterned porcelain tiles are yet another excellent tile option that you should consider while revamping your modern spaces. Be it walls or flooring, homeowners are willing to infuse patterns into their decors these days, livening up any drab spaces. These tiles will draw attention to any specific area and complement the in-house decor and appliances. By using patterned porcelain tiles, you can take your interiors to another level. The best way to use them is by designing a feature wall in your living room. So, they are a wonderful addition to transforming the vibe of the entire space. 

Hexagon and Honeycomb Tiles

Hexagonal porcelain tiles, which are also called honeycomb pattern tiles, are an admired choice in the interior design world these days. The hexagonal shapes in the tile designs offer a fun vibe to the interiors. Also, they add a touch of drama to those otherwise boring-looking walls or floors. Their dynamic shapes not only inject a visually striking factor into the space but also create a focal point in the space. From bathroom flooring to kitchen walls, you can use these porcelain tiles to level up the space decor without the worries of maintenance as they are highly resistant to water. 

Big Slab Tiles 

Big slab porcelain tiles are known for several reasons – grand, sleek, class, and style. If you want your modern spaces to have these features, you should opt for subtle-toned porcelain tiles in bigger sizes. The bigger size of these slab tiles helps create an uninterrupted and seamless look, due to fewer grout lines, making the spaces where they are used appear wider and larger. These tiles are available in both matte and glossy finishes, but you should prefer to get matte tiles for flooring while glossy for the walls. The matte finish large tiles offer a safe surface for walking and the glossy finish large wall tiles will contribute to making the spaces appear brighter and more luxurious. 

Glossy Tiles 

Do you like the lustrous finish of tiles? Then, you should try using glossy porcelain tiles which can liven up any dull space where they are installed, thanks to their high sheen and glowy finish. They are perfect for walls in bathrooms and kitchens as these are usually smaller in urban houses. For example, you can go for subway tiles with glossy finishes to get a neater and brighter kitchen or bathroom look. The sheen finish of the tiles will bounce the light around and make the room appear wider and bigger. Also, these tiles are great for adding a luxurious feel to any interior setting, whether you pick a geometric tile pattern or prefer marble-effect tiles. 


Porcelain tiles are a top choice among people for a lot of reasons. From low-maintenance to luxurious looks, these tiles are an all-rounder. To get quality porcelain tiles to upgrade your space, visit Orientbell Tiles Boutique – a reputed tile showroom in Kanchipuram and lay hands on an excellent range of porcelain tile designs.</span</span

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