In The UAE, Effective Hospitality Management

In The UAE, Effective Hospitality Management


In the UAE’s tourist and hospitality sector, industry performance is largely determined by effective management. Nevertheless, not enough research has looked at how modern management approaches might be used in the Gulf nation and, consequently, other Middle Eastern nations. More significantly, there is a gap in the literature since it has not taken into consideration how UAE cultural dynamics hotel management software in uae the travel and hospitality sector. The purpose of this study is to close this research gap by highlighting the cultural sensitivity of UAE hospitality management techniques. Four goals form the basis of the investigation.

While the second strives to find culturally appropriate tactics, the first one looks into the most culturally sensitive HR strategies that UAE managers could adopt to inspire their staff. managers could make advantage of to lower staff churn. The last research goal aims to identify culturally sensitive methods for raising employee satisfaction in the UAE hospitality sector. The third goal is to identify the most successful, culturally relevant leadership philosophies to utilize in the sector. Three industry professionals provided primary research, and data was gathered from secondary research materials published in the last five years.

Thematic and coding analysis was used to examine the results. Additionally, the primary conceptual foundation for carrying out the research study was the Hofstede cultural model. Overall, the results demonstrated that managers in the United Arab Emirates should implement a hierarchical management style in their firms due to the nation’s high scores in power distance, collectivism, and uncertainty avoidance scales. In the context of the Hofstede theory, the UAE exhibits neutral scores on the male-female continuum, indicating a lack of significant link between gender differences and management behavior. The results of this study have a significant impact on the advancement of non-Western management literature.

Context and Background of the Research

Enhancing key performance indicators  like revenue per room, average room rate, and occupancy rate is essential for effective management of the hospitality sector . While industry performance criteria are generally outlined by these KPIs, managers and leaders must inspire their staff to meet personal as well as organizational objectives in order to achieve success in the hotel sector . In light of this knowledge, this study looks into methods for raising the bar for hospitality management. in the United Arab Emirates. Because performance will be evaluated based on how successfully managers, or individuals in senior-level roles, utilize their human resources to raise hospitality management standards, the researcher approached the investigation from the standpoint of human resources.

hotel operations in the UAE study’s concentration is hospitality management, which includes a variety of goods and services provided by the service sector, including hotel, transportation, and catering. The hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most significant economic sectors in the nation, second only to the oil sector, hence the researcher contextualized the study within this area. UAE hotels maintain their leadership in the sector by providing some of the highest standards of service .

The study’s conclusions will be helpful for the future growth of the hotel sector in the United Arab Emirates through raising the standard of management, which is necessary to raise the performance of the industry. The nation’s economy, which has been growing over the past few decades, will benefit from this. For instance, according to a report written by Knight Frank , the tourist and hospitality industry’s share of the UAE’s GDP climbed. By enhancing organizational performance and management efficacy, the study’s conclusions will help achieve this goal and establish the UAE’s leadership in the travel and hospitality industry both in the Middle East and globally.


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