If, until recently, the serum was a luxury item, we can reassure you. There is a massive erosive selection of great tools at a reasonable price. The most crucial step is to choose the right products and know how to use them correctly.

How often and when to use serums?

The frequency with which you use serums is contingent upon their active ingredients and purpose. For instance, retinol serums are suggested for people just beginning to use them every few days. Once the skin has adapted to active ingredients, they may be applied more often (for instance, every alternate day). It is crucial to determine the time of morning or evening (morning or at night), and it is recommended to apply Golden Pearl Skin Serum.

The serums for facials containing antioxidants like vitamin C or green tea Niacinamide are best applied at the beginning of the day to keep the skin protected throughout the day. Products containing retinol and exfoliating acids (such as glycolic, lactic, or salicylic) are best applied in the early morning. It is accurate to use them at night as they may make your skin more prone to the sun. Face serums for moisturization are appropriate for use in the morning and evening.

The sequence in which facial serums are used as part of the skincare routine.

It may be difficult initially if you’re beginning to incorporate facial serums into your routine. But here are some easy steps you can take to get the perfect skin:

1) Always try a trial before trying any new skin product. Every person’s skin is unique; therefore, you should ensure that your skin isn’t causing an allergic reaction. You can apply it to both the outside of your hand and the insides of the elbow. Cleanse the region, apply a small quantity of product, and wait 24 hours to observe your skin’s reaction to this product. If you notice redness, itching or burning on the face, you must clean the area immediately and refrain from putting together products on the face.

2) Cleanse the skin. Always cleanse your skin with a face wash for oily skin before using any serum! Afterwards, gently dry the skin with a disposable tissue.

3) Use toner. Prepare your skin properly before the next step in your routine. The toner will help restore the skin’s proper pH and help the skin absorb the following skincare product better!

4) Apply serum! Put a small amount of serum on the fingertips or the palm of your hand and gently massage it into the skin of the face and neck.

5) Apply cream after serum. Although many people think they don’t need a face cream moisturizer because they use serums, this is untrue. Creams are “heavier” and thicker; they have a higher molecular weight, so they will help retain moisture and active ingredients in the skin and create a protective skin barrier.

6) Be sure to use sunscreen in your morning skincare routine!

Common mistakes to avoid!

Properly using products often worsens the skin’s condition, so it is essential to read the instructions before using them. First, you should always pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the package or in the product description.

When using serums, apply correctly to the skin. It is essential to touch your face with a pipette! If you have this habit, get rid of it as soon as possible because when the pipette touches the skin,

When applying the serum for acne, applying it correctly to the skin is essential. Never touch your face with a pipette! If you have this habit, get rid of it as soon as possible because when the pipette touches the skin, it can pick up germs or inflammation on the skin and contaminate your product. Because of this, the product shelf life product’s shelf life becomes shorter, its effectiveness decreases, and in rare cases, it can lead to various skin problems.

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