How to Transfer SmarterMail to Office 365 For Free?

SmarterMail to Office 365 Tool support multiple SmarterMail files migration to Office 365 at once.

Are you facing issue resolving how to transfer SmarterMail to Office 365 for free? Then I can surely help you. In this blog I will provide one direct solution that will definitely be sufficient enough to export SmarterMail to Office with ease. You must follow the easy instructions given in this article. But before that, let’s discuss one the queries from user perspective.

Hey, I am Selena, I need to access my SmarterMail data in Office 365. And i find this task a little tricky as I have multiple SmarterMail files. Also I have no such technical skill. Is there any method available that may support to convert multiple files from SmarterMail to Office 365 securely and effortlessly? Please keep me updated if you have any solution. Thanks.

SmarterMail to Office 365 Tool – The most reliable and Effortless Approach

CubexSoft SmarterMail Converter is a full-fledged method that enables to convert unlimited SmarterMail GRP files to Office 365 in single processing. Users may opt for this method without any technical skill, it is easy to use application. All the details of SmarterMail will be provided in the output in the original form without any data loss. The software facilitates various advanced features that help to fulfil migration in a very easy manner. We will talk about it in detail firstly let’s take a look at the working process of the software below.

How to Transfer SmarterMail to Office 365 For Free? – Working Steps

Step1: Firstly launch SmarterMail to Office 365 Converter Application on Windows PC.

open the program

Step2: Then, availability of dual options Add Files and Add Folder allows adding multiple files and folder.

select folder

Step3: Now go to Export option in order to choose saving output option Office 365. Once you choose Office 365 output option then it is must to enter detail like email address and password.

download tool

Step4: It is allowed to add filters such as date range, to, from, subject, and exclude deleted folder.

download tool

Step5: Lastly browse for the desired destination location and hit the “Convert” button.

download tool

Detailed Features of SmarterMail GRP to Office 365 Tool

  • SmarterMail GRP to Office 365 App provides dual option for loading files for example Add Files and Add Folder. These options enable to convert huge amount of SmarterMail files to Office 365 at once.
  • While transition from SmarterMail to Office 365, all attributes of data remain same like main body of email, meta elements, attachments etc. Even the data hierarchy also remain the constant.
  • This app is easy in use, no technical skill is required to know resolve how to transfer SmarterMail files to Office 365.
  • No particular size and dimension has been fixed for size so that one can transfer any size of GRP to Office 365.
  • Filter options helps to choose only desired emails according to specific date range, to, from, subject and exclude deleted folder.
  • It is also allowable to choose specific destination path accordingly. Users get the whole processing detail in the end of the migration in Notepad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will i able to use this SmarterMail to Office Tool on an older version of Windows OS i.e Windows 10?

Answer: Yes sure, all versions of Windows Operating Systems are well compatible with SmarterMail File to Office 365 Export Tool.

Will i be able to grab a demo of this app?

Answer: Yes, it is allowed to opt for a free demo version option of SmarterMail Export Tool

Last Lines

I hope now user may tackle the issue of how to transfer SmarterMail to Office 365 for free with ease. The above mentioned tool is Windows Operating System based runs on all Windows OS editions like Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and many more. And free demo of the SmarterMail application makes 25 files conversion completely free of cost.

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