How to Sync Optusnet Webmail to Gmail | Step By Step Guide

Connecting your Gmail account with the Optusnet webmail account can be very helpful for you in multiple ways. By following simple steps to sync Optusnet Webmail to Gmail you can achieve this. Optus is a product that provides services and a product of Singtel Optus Pty Limited which is well known for its wireless carrier services provider, it is also known that Optus is the second largest vendor within Australia. The company deals in various other products like, TV mobile, telephony services, fixed telephony, transmission of data, and other things. Users need to log in first to sync with Gmail and for the Optusnet email setting you have the guided information provided below.

Optus Email Login

Steps that need to be followed when you want to log in to their account are mentioned below. It is suggested that if as a user you are facing any sort of issue while using sync services of Optus and Email you can immediately take a call for yourself and stop using the services. Though the case is rare, if you still experience something unusual, you can take action.

  1. The first step is to visit the official website of Optusnet webmail. From here you can download the app.
  2. Complete the download process by installing, running, and then launching the Optus app properly.
  3. You are required to use the Optus to Gmail tool to successfully sync both of these.
  4. Now after doing so, you are required to fill in the server login information by adding IMAP details at Optusnet email login on the defined port which is Port 993. The port number is suggested to be kept the same. 
  5. One last option in the same you can choose is Batch mode, where you have bulk accounts to get migrated. You can choose this option as well.
  6. After filling in all the login to account details at the button you can see the Login button and Reset button. Click on the “Login” to successfully continue to the next step.
  7. The next process will happen in the background where with the validated Optus account the software will connect in the background automatically. In the left side panel, you can observe a tree-like structure defined where all the data will be loaded. 
  8. From there you can easily mark the files that you wish to load or backup in the registered Gmail account.
  9. Add the App login information at this point.
  10. In the final step migration of data will start.

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Optus and Gmail are two widely used services that allow for easy syncing of emails and calendars. The process is quite straightforward and ensures users can access their communications and schedules from any device. After signing into one’s Optus and Gmail accounts, the sync settings can be found within the account profiles. From there, users simply need to toggle the sync switch and confirm between which services data should be shared. In just a few quick clicks, emails, contacts, and calendars will automatically update across platforms in near real-time. It’s a seamless integration utilized by many to stay properly connected no matter the location. The reliable services earn their trust every day through stable functionality.

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