How to Style Your Flexible Scrubs for Work?

For those working in the healthcare industry, scrubs are not only a garment, but one of the essential components of their work environment. In the past, scrubs were more of a functional wear with very little consideration for fashion. However, modern scrubs especially the flexible ones are comfortable as well as fashionable. Here are tips on how to accessorize your stretch scrubs for work, and still meet the dressing code at your workplace.


1. Choose the Right Fit

When it comes to styling, the first thing that one must consider is the size of the scrubs. Flexible scrubs are meant to follow you around, but the right fit will be comfortable and look great on you. Here are a few tips:


Tailored Fit: Try to find scrubs that are fitted to your body type. This means that they should fit the contours of your body without being too tight or loose. Fitted scrubs will make your figure appear slimmer as well as give you a neat and professional appearance.


Adjustable Waistbands: Most of the flexible scrubs available in the market today have an elasticized waistline. This feature lets you adjust the fit of the scrubs so that you can comfortably wear them throughout your working hours.


2. Pick the Perfect Color

The appearance of your scrubs is greatly influenced by color. While some workplaces have strict color codes, if you have the freedom to choose, consider the following:


Classic Neutrals: Such colors as navy, black, and grey are classic and appropriate for work-related environments. It blends well with all types of accessories and has a clean, minimalist style.


Bright and Cheerful: If there are no restrictions in your workplace, adding some bright colors to your environment can help you cheer up and have a great day. Accent colors such as teal, burgundy, or even a basic pattern on scrubs can make an outfit interesting.


3. Layer Smartly

Layering is stylish and functional – it is an excellent way of creating more depth to the scrub outfits. undefined


Underscrubs: Wear a tight-fitting under-scrub top or tank underneath your scrubs. This offers an additional layer of warmth and can help to draw moisture away from the body which is great for keeping comfortable during a long shift.


Jackets and Hoodies: A scrub jacket or hoodie can be fashionable, offering additional warmth and professionalism. To keep a professional appearance stick to pastel colors or colors that will blend well with your scrubs.


4. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessories can make a big difference in your overall appearance, even in a healthcare setting where simplicity is key:


Watches: A functional yet fashionable watch is a perfect accessory to complement your scrub wear. Select one that is not very elaborate and complements your scrubs.


Badge Holders: Choose a badge holder that has an element of personality, such as color, design, or clip.


Minimal Jewelry: Of course, you should not forget about hygiene, but a small and elegant piece of jewelry, such as earrings or a necklace, can enhance the overall appearance significantly.


5. Footwear Matters

Selecting the appropriate shoes for yourself is very important as far as comfort and fashion are concerned. Here’s what to consider:


Comfort First: Purchase comfortable and durable footwear suitable for long working hours on your feet. Any footwear designed specifically for use in healthcare settings is likely to be the most suitable.


Style Second: This does not mean that people should not dress well when they are going for comfort since comfort does not necessarily mean being uncomfortable. Select shoes that are in harmony with the scrubs in terms of color. Subtle colors or simple prints can make it fashionable.


6. Maintain a Polished Appearance

A well-styled scrub outfit isn’t complete without attention to grooming and maintenance:


Iron Your Scrubs: Creased scrubs can further ruin a well-coordinated look. Spend a few minutes to iron your scrubs to have that neat look before the working day begins.


Stay Clean and Tidy: I mean cleanliness is very important, especially in a health facility. Make sure your scrubs are clean and have no rips or stains on them. Washing and proper handling of these outfits will ensure that they maintain the new and professional look always.


7. Personalize with Prints and Patterns

If your workplace allows, consider incorporating prints and patterns into your scrub wardrobe:


Subtle Patterns: Plain stripes, thin dots, or subdued flowers are good examples of prints that will not overpower your attire.


Bold Prints: If you find yourself in a less formal setting, do not hesitate to try more vibrant patterns. These can be quite creative and unique while at the same time not going against the corporate dress code.


8. Consider Seasonal Changes

Adjust your scrub styling to fit the season:


Winter: Choose heavier and warmer under scrubs, and wear a fleece jacket on top of it. It is also noteworthy that darker colors are preferred in winter or colder periods of the year.


Summer: Select thinner materials and vivid tones of color. Short sleeves under uniforms and proper fabric for the scrubs will ensure that you do not get a hot feeling.



When it comes to dressing your flexible scrubs for work, it is all about deciding on the right balance between comfort, practicality, and individual flair. Appropriate suits and shoes, proper choice of colors and accessories, and effective layering help to look successful but individual and comfortable in the work environment. This is because, in the healthcare field, dressing affects how you feel and how patients perceive you. Thus, do not neglect the way you look when dressed in scrubs, and try to look as good as possible.



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