How to sell your old furniture or appliances

Discover the steps you have to take to get rid of and amortize the furniture you don’t use

Have you bought a new sofa and don’t know what to do with the one you had? Are you moving to another house and don’t want to take the furniture with you? If what you want is to pay off the furniture that you do not use, you can offer it to other users on pages selling second-hand products. Of course, make sure it is in good condition.

Any item in your house can be useful to other people. Learn how to sell your used furniture and appliances by following the following steps and get rid of those tables, chairs, microwaves, or televisions that only take up space.

 Prepare some good photographs

On the Internet, we buy by price, but also with our eyes.

For that reason, if you want to sell in a short time and without getting (almost) offensive offers, the best thing you can do is take the time necessary to present your used furniture in a way that catches the eye.

The easiest way to achieve this is with good photographs.

We leave you some tips:

  • Take photos during the hours of the day when your home receives natural light. If possible, place the furniture near a window.
  • Remove anything that distracts from the photo frame.
  • Use props. For example, if you are selling a boring old nightstand, place a book and a small lamp on top to generate more interest.
  • When photographing, avoid angles that distort the image. Move with the camera and keep experimenting until you find the perfect frame.
  • Edit some of the photos by adding measurements (you can easily do this with Canva) to provide your potential buyers with a guide to help them decide.
  • Look for inspiration on Pinterest or new furniture websites. Look at how the best sellers do it.

2. Detailed description

The photographs you take must be accompanied by descriptive text about the furniture or appliance you are offering. Try not to make the message excessively long. About 10 lines will be enough. In it, you have to indicate the brand of the product, its basic characteristics, and its dimensions. And don’t forget your phone number so that the potential buyer can contact you.

3. Don’t deceive and use your head

Forget about lying to anyone. You should indicate in the description of your furniture or appliance if it has any defect. This way, the buyer cannot claim anything from you because you have already notified them. Also, if you lower the price of the product because of the defect, you may make it sell faster.

Appropriate price

Think about what price is the most appropriate for your product. To do this, you should investigate the price of products similar to yours on second-hand websites such as Used Furniture Buyers in Dubai. You also have to take into account the age of the furniture, the quality, and the real cost it costs you when you buy it in the store.

Describe your furniture rigorously, but also with love.

All second-hand furniture sales portals leave a space for the description in their ads.

And, although it may seem that we read less and less, the truth is that, when something interests us enough, we read until the last comma.

These are our tips for writing a description that helps you sell:

  • Emphasize those aspects that differentiate your furniture from the rest of the furniture.
  • Describe your real state naturally and sincerely.
  • Include measurements in the description. You may not see them well in the photos.
  • Offer to resolve any questions by message or call.
  • Make it clear if shipping is included or not.


Selling your second-hand furniture can seem like a complicated, tiresome, and unprofitable process.

But the truth is that, in most cases, it won’t cost you as much as you think.

Doing so also has other incentives.

For example, what is no longer useful for you may be a real treasure for other people.

And if you don’t feel like selling them, instead of throwing them in the trash, you could consider donating them to an association.

It’s just an idea.

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