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How to save a lot of money on a move according to professionals

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Moving house can become a slow and expensive process. If you plan to start with this change soon, we will tell you how not to spend so much Whether it’s to the next neighborhood or to another city Best Removals Adelaide moving house can be an adventure or a nightmare.

Embarking on this process can be very stressful, not only logistically but also in terms of budget. It is clear that organization is the key to success for any move , but before starting you must plan well how the packing is going to be done , what things you should do without, what means of transport to choose or how you are going to deal with everything else .
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In Austarila, according to experts and professionals in the sector, the price can range approximately from 350 to 1,800 euros depending on the volume, the city in which it is carried out and the distance. If what you want is to save a little in this arduous process , although these costs are inevitable, it is possible to achieve it if you follow some tips. From ‘Real Simple’ they have contacted several professionals to find out how to help move our pockets . Pay attention.

Do cleaning

We don’t just mean that you dust it before packing everything for your next home, but that we also carefully select what things you are going to take with you and whether they really have a place in your new home. Get rid of everything you don’t need to save (in addition to money) time and space. Go through all your belongings from kitchen utensils , clothing and even furniture and take an inventory of what you think you can leave behind. Think carefully about the need to take out insurance.

As long as the company packs things, you can agree on compensation in the event of a breakup If you think there are new things, but that you are no longer going to use, put them up for sale . It is possible that you will save a few euros thanks to that wardrobe that no longer fits in the hall or those paintings that you liked so much a few years ago and that have now become outdated. As for clothes, organize a flea market with friends and sell everything you no longer wear.

Schedule everything

If you are going to hire a company to do the moving for you, you should be clear that in summer it is usually much more expensive . Also avoid the beginning and end of the month because prices tend to rise. Also, the best thing of all is that you do it every day and not on weekends . Make use of the space as much as possible because they will surely charge you for packages, so take advantage of furniture drawers or suitcases (with things that cannot be damaged) to store things.


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If you are going to do it on your own and you are going to rent a van, look carefully for which one best suits all the boxes you are going to transport. You can ask for help from your family and friends who are available for this task. A move is not easy to handle and if you do it alone or with your partner , it is always good for someone else to be there to load some furniture.

Do things on time

If you really want to save and with your job you sometimes think that it will be impossible to do things yourself, start organizing yourself and take a few minutes every day to start packing. There are companies that carry out this heavy task, but if you take it upon yourself, your pocketbook will thank you. Get rid of everything you don’t need to save money, time and space.

Take inventory and sell everything you can that is in good condition. Think carefully about the need to take out insurance . Many times, by saving too much, the cure can be worse than the disease. As long as the company packs the belongings, you can agree on compensation in the event of a breakup. But also in damage to the home when Removals Adelaide moving furniture , such as scuffs on the wall or scratches on the wooden floor; something very important if you are renting a house and want to recover the deposit.

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