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How to Gain Best Band Score in IELTS Test?

The test called IELTS was the finding of the British Council in the year 1980. Yet, it is one of the most accurate test systems in the world. But what is IELTS? It stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an English language skill test for higher education and global migration. The IELTS test is a must for students who want to study, work or live abroad. Gaining a good band score will help you in achieving your overseas dreams. Thus, to help you with this, you should learn about the IELTS pattern of the test. But what are the benefits of opting for IELTS?

Benefits of Taking the IELTS Test

Since the IELTS exam is the oldest test in the world, it is trusted the most among global institutes and firms. Thus, there are various benefits of opting for the IELTS exam. Here are a few merits of applying for the IELTS exam:

1. Global Acceptance:

The IELTS test is accepted around the globe by learning institutes and other firms. An estimated 140 nations accept this exam as their test for language skills. Thus, this makes it one of the most trusted tests for language expertise for immigration authorities worldwide. Also, this test is considered the top language skill test around the globe.

2. World’s Most Trusted English Proficiency Test:

Around 3000+ institutes worldwide, consider the IELTS test as the admission criteria. Unlike other language tests, it does not have automated speaking tests. But it consists of live interaction with the examiner and the applicants. Thus, this makes it a more authentic and accurate test in the world.

3. Develops Your English Language Skills:

The syllabus for the IELTS test will aid you in the easy development of your English language skills. It provides access to four crucial skills in language. These skills include listening, speaking, writing as well as reading. Also, these skills are very crucial for those who want to travel to foreign countries.

4. Create More Job Opportunities:

The main benefit of the IELTS exam is that it aids you in developing efficient communication skills. This will make it easier for you to communicate with the native speakers in the foreign nations. Thus, this will explore a wide range of job options all over the globe for the students.

What Is the Pattern for the IELTS Test?

While preparing for the IELTS exam, if you know the pattern of the test, then you are at an advantage. The test pattern for IELTS consists of 4 major test sections. These sections include listening, reading, writing as well as speaking tests. These are helpful to analyze the level of expertise in these skills.

a. Listening:

The duration for this section in the IELTS pattern is around 30 minutes. You will have 4 audios to listen including 2 monologues as well as 2 conversations by native speakers. According to these audios, you need to solve the given questions. Each audio consists of a variety of voices as well as accents used by the native speakers.

b. Reading:

This section consists of 40 queries that cover a diverse range of reading skills. The time duration in this section is 60 minutes. Thus, it helps to assess your ability to comprehend the concept as well as the main idea given in the text.

c. Writing:

The time duration for this component of the IELTS pattern is 60 minutes. You will have 2 tasks to complete in this skill test. Your first task will be to analyze a graph, table, chart or diagram as well as describe it in your own words. Whereas, in the next task, you need to write an essay in response to the point of view, argument or issue. Also, both writing tasks should be in a formal style.

d. Speaking:

This component of the test evaluates your speaking skills. The time given in this section is 11-14 minutes. The section is recorded for further assessment. The component is also divided into 3-parts. In the first part, you will have to answer queries about yourself as well as a range of familiar topics. Also, in the second part, you will get a specific topic to talk about. Whereas, in the last part, questions based on the topic in part 2 will be put to you.

Best Ways to Prepare for the IELTS Test

As you know about the benefits and the pattern of the IELTS test, you should prepare accordingly. Here are some tips for maximizing your scores in the IELTS exam for you:

1. Regular Practice:

There is a very popular saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Thus, the more you practice the more you will be confident to crack the test. Hence, this will help to improve your knowledge of the language. Also, this will make you comfortable with the English language.

2. Expand Your Vocabulary:

Expanding your vocabulary does not mean learning tough words. But to know the basic and simple words from the native English language. This will help you in proper learning of speaking as well as writing skills. Thus, this will pave the path for you to achieve your dream.

3. Join IELTS Classes:

When you prepare for the exam, you should also opt for the online IELTS classes. They will help you to know your flaws and also your strengths in the language. It begins with the assessment of understanding your level of English language. Based on this, the trainer will plan your training as well as guide you through all your issues.

4. Enhance Your Needed Skills:

Based on your weak points in the English language, the tutors will give you the right guidance. They will help you overcome your weaknesses as well as enhance your needed skills. Also, the interactive session with the peers as well as the tutor will help you in the same. This will not only help you to increase your strength but also will help you prepare for the test.

5. Perform Mock Test:

To know your level of understanding of the language, go for mock tests. These are usually given by the IELTS coaching to the aspirants to help them in managing their time. Also, this will aid you to know your level of English language. This will also help you revise what you learnt in class as well as the syllabus for the test.

6. Learn Time Management:

During the IELTS test, you must know how to manage your time. Thus, applying for the IELTS coaching classes will aid you in learning time management skills. This will not only help you in completing the IELTS exam on time but will also help you in doing it right.


In conclusion, the test of IELTS is necessary if you want to study abroad. Therefore, there is a severe need to learn and also improve your English language skills. Since the pattern of this test includes 4 main sections. These sections analyse skills including listening, reading, writing as well as speaking. Thus, you should practice more and join the IELTS classes for better results on the test.

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