How To Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 10

There can be many reasons for the flickering screen on your Windows 10 computer. Flickering screen can be a real problematic if it is not resolved. If you are facing problem of a flickering screen on your desktop or laptop, then there are different solutions that you can try.

We have listed some of the most common reasons that can cause flickering in Windows 10.

How to fix the Screen Flickering issue on Windows

Loose Monitor Cable can cause screen flickering:

Loose monitor cable can cause different types of video problems. One of the most common problems is screen flickering.

Monitor cable becomes loose after some time if it has not been plugged in securely.

To resolve the problem caused by the loose monitor cable first unplug the cable and then plug it in tightly. After plugging the cable make sure that it is tightened properly and does not move freely. Also, tightened the cable from both sides.

Also, make sure that you do this process for all the cables connected to your computer so that all the problems that occur due to loosen fitted cable gets rectified.

Monitor Cable is damaged or of low quality:

If the monitor cable is tightened and still your monitor screen flickers then it may be due to low quality monitor cable.

If you have purchased a cheap cable and if you are using it then we suggest you replace it as soon as possible. Always make sure to buy monitor cable from a trusted source and of good quality.

Always purchase monitor cable from a good company or from the monitor manufacturers so that you can get always compatible and good quality cable.

Also, look for the ports in your monitor before purchasing the cable as there are different input ports in a monitor. Once you know about the port available on your monitor then you can purchase a compatible cable for it.

If your monitor cable is damaged even slightly then it should be replaced immediately and it may damage the monitor or other hardware.

Once you replace the cable then all the problems you are facing with the monitor should be resolved. Also, the flickering problem will be resolved.

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Installation of problematic programs:

Many times, screen flickering problems arise after we have installed a new program. Like some video editing or playing programs can cause the screen to flicker on Windows 10.

Also, if you have updated an application on your computer recently and then a problem starts to arise then it may be due to the recently updated application.

Once the problematic app is found then you can remove it easily.

To remove the application, go to settings and then click on Apps.

Now in the Apps you will see all the installed applications.

From this list remove all the recently installed applications.

Once the applications are removed the problem should be resolved.

Refresh rate or resolution:

There are different display settings in Windows 10. If the settings are incorrect then the screen will start flickering and the display will not work properly.

You can change these settings according to the monitor you have. First know all about the resolution and refresh rate that your monitor can handle and then change these settings according to it.

Incorrect display drivers:

One of the main reasons for the screen flickering is due to incorrect display drivers. To resolve the issue there is an easy way, you just have to reinstall the display drivers.

You have to uninstall the current driver and then reinstall it.

  1. To uninstall the diver, go to device manager and from the list look for the display driver.
  2. Now, right click on the driver and then click on Uninstall Device. After that follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall the driver.
  3. Once the driver is removed reinstall the driver from the setup file previously downloaded or you can download the driver from the device manufacturers website.

Update drivers using third party program:

Updating the driver should resolve screen flickering.

Here we are using the Advanced Driver Updater program to update display drivers on Windows 10.

There are many driver update programs available on the internet. These driver updater programs will help you to update the drivers automatically.

But we are using the Advanced Driver Updater program for updating the drivers. Advanced Driver Updater is one of the best driver updater utilities available. This program will scan your system for outdated drivers and then update them for you.

How to use Advanced Driver Updater for updating the display driver:

  1. First you have to download and install Advanced Driver Updater
  2. Once the program is installed you just have to start the scan. Once the scan is finished you will see all the outdated drivers.
  3. Select the display driver from the list and then click on update driver button to update the driver.

Note: You can also click on the Update All button for updating all the outdated drivers at once.

That’s it, your screen flickering in Windows 10 should be resolved after following all the steps mentioned above.

However, if the problem still persists then you have to get a new monitor or if possible, you can have it repaired.


Screen flickering can be very irritating. This problem can occur due to different reasons. We have to check for the different problems one by one.

If the problem is occurring due to outdated drivers, then you can use Advanced Driver Updater for updating the driver.

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