How to Find the Router IP and Use It to Log in to Router?

Millions of WiFi router can be seen in the networking realm these days. Every WiFi router is manageable via an IP address. To make it clearer, know that Netgear Nighthawk routers run on the address whereas anonymous routers run on IP address. But, do you know about the IP address of your WiFi router? If not, then this post will tell you about the process to find the router IP address. Not only this but, we will also discuss the steps that you are required to follow if you want to access the login portal of the router to reach the administrative dashboard.

Instructions to Find the Router IP

Before, you start the process to find the IP address of the WiFi router you own, you are advised to connect the computer or laptop to the router. Two ways are there for that. Either use the Ethernet cable for the connection or go with the WiFi method. The Ethernet cable in use is supposed to be free of all kinds of damages whereas the WiFi connection requires you to access the correct SSID and use the correct network password. Once you are done with the connection process, you can follow these steps to find the IP address of the router you want to access.

  1. Open Command Prompt

Into the Search box sitting beside the Start button of the Windows PC, you should type Command Prompt. You can simply type Cmd too. After that, hit the Enter key and you will soon find that the Command Prompt has opened on your computer.

  1. Access the Command

As soon as the Command Prompt shows up, you are advised to type the command ipconfigall there and hit the Enter key. You will see a screen displaying various set of digits. The digit pattern separated by periods that you will see beside the Default gateway field will be the IP address of your router. Let us say your IP address is running on the IP address.

Since you have discovered what IP address your WiFi router is running on, you are now suggested to access the login portal via the same. Therefore, move to the next section and learn what necessary steps are to be taken in order to complete the login process of a WiFi router.

Steps to Log in to the Router via IP

It is suggested that you let your computer stay connected to the WiFi router (wired or wireless medium). Disconnecting the devices will not let you complete the router’s login process. But, be very sure that you are not using both connection sources simultaneously. Problems like IP address conflict are likely to show up in that case. After ensuring the connection, you must follow these steps.

  1. Open an Updated Web Browser

Now, you should load an internet browser on your PC. Any web browser like Chrome and Edge can be picked up. But, no matter which web browser you choose, just make sure that you are using an upgraded one. Outdated ones are not suggested for a networking device’s management. You also have to ensure that the cache and cookies of the web browser you are putting to use are cleared. Overlooking them can result in technical issues.

  1. Access the IP Address

Once the web browser seems ready for you, just click on the address bar and input the IP address you’ve just found. Be very sure about entering the correct address. Otherwise login issues are likely to show up at your door. Most important thing you need to keep in mind is that the browser’s search bar is not being utilized for the process. After that, you just have to press the Enter key and the login page of the router will show up.

The Bottom Line

The process of finding the IP address of the router is much helpful in case you have lost the user manual. It is the most accurate method too. The reason being that the IP address assigned to the router by the modem might vary from the default value. In that case, the assigned IP will ensure your success to access the login portal of the router. For example, if the default IP of your router is and the modem runs on IP, the router is likely to have an IP value 192.168.1.x.

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