How to Find an Obituary from Years Ago

Find an Obituary from Years Ago

We love searching about our loved ones and ancestry. However, it’s quite difficult to find an obituary that dates a long time back. But why do we love to do that? The answer is simple. Many of us love to know more about our roots. This makes us head out on the search of finding more about our loved ones. This is why we’re here to make your find easier. Today, we’ll find more about different platforms that can help you to find obituary online from years ago. So join us on this interesting find and learn all about your ancestors.

Let’s Prep You Up

There are a few things that you might want to look into before you begin your search. This is the information about your loved one. You need to gather all the data that you can. Why? As it will make the search process much easier for you. So make sure to find at least three or more items from our list!

The first is the full name of your loved one. This also includes the maiden name in case of women. Next are the birth and death details, including the place and date of both. Another thing that will make your find easier is the place of employment. As this will help you narrow down your search. Next comes the schools and colleges they attended. You can even add the degrees they earned in this mix. This can help you look through old announcements and records. Then you can look for the next of kin. This will help you track down your loved one easily. Finally, the best piece of information is their cemetery and funeral arrangements. As this can lead you to the exact obituary.

Finding Obituaries in Online and Print Media

Online and print media are the best places to look for when you’re finding your loved one. The main source of this media is a newspaper. It doesn’t matter if this newspaper is in the form of print or online. So let’s find out more about online and print newspapers.

Local Newspapers & Public Libraries

If you live in the hometown of the loved one you’re searching for. Then this might be the best place to start your search. Newspapers date back to the 1600s. So there’s a good chance that you might just find who you’re looking for. Try visiting the public library as they tend to keep old copies.

Explore Microfilms

To find newspaper issues that date way back. You might need to ask the librarian to get you microfilms. As these have the older issues of newspapers. Then you can read them through the microfilm machine at the library.

Get Digital Newspaper Subscriptions

You can subscribe to your library’s plan to get digital newspapers. As some libraries keep these copies in digital form. So, you can access using a library card.

Look for Obituary Indices

Some libraries even offer digital obituary indices. They collect these through local papers and put them in one place. So it can be a great place to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Online Newspaper Archives

These websites are a great place if you’re looking to get old newspapers for free. But you need to get digging once you find such a site. Knowing the date of death will greatly help you narrow down your search. You might just find the loved one you’re looking for!

Quick Tip #1

Most newspapers keep all their issues online. But some of them exclude the obituary part. This is where things get tricky. You might be able to find a death within the next six months. But if you’re going for anything older, you might face a challenge.

Genealogy Websites

This is a different way than finding the death. Through these websites, you’re able to track your roots. It allows you to find obituaries. Moreover, they allow you to know more about your family.

Funeral Home Websites

You can search for your loved ones through funeral home websites. As these are the first ones to report the passing of any local. But make sure that you’re searching in your area’s funeral home. So it’ll get more difficult for you to search if it covers all the country’s deaths.

Memorial Websites

You can take your search to memorial websites. They are a great place when you’re specifically looking for an obituary. These websites host many recent memorials and service details. They also allow you to specifically search older obituaries. So this might be the place that you’ve been looking for all along!

Visit the Obituary App to Search an Obituary for Free

The Obituary App does exactly what it says. It has obituaries from all over the United States of America. So if you’re unsure about where to find your loved one’s obituary. You’ll definitely find it here. The Obituary App hosts heartfelt stories about our veterans, actors, musicians, and common people like you and me.

Finding an obituary there is simple. So all you need to do is enter the name of your loved one! You can even add filters that only show obituaries from a certain date. Moreover, it’s completely free to read an obituary here! So head over and finally find that obituary from years ago at the Obituary App.

Filter Searches by State

Searching for your loved ones by filtering your search results by state is a smart move. You can look up for free obituaries from ‘State’. This allows you to find the results the quickest. Many websites allow you to filter your searches like this. You can simply browse through the internet using this query.

Connect with Your Past

These write-ups allow you connect with your history. As you read about your ancestors on any online obituary platform to you get to know more about yourself. This is helpful for those who love to know where they came from. So you can search for obituaries from years ago using our simple tips and tricks.

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