How to choose the used plastic injection molding machine dealer?

Buying a used plastic injection molding machine is an investment for your manufacturing plant. For many choosing the best plastic injection molding machine can be a daunting task since there are chances that you could be ripped off of your hard-earned money.

So, from whom you are purchasing the machine plays a vital part. But who do choose? we can’t certainly answer that since it differs drastically from one to another. What we can help you out with is we can guide you to choose the best injection molding machine that is for sale.

For this, we have created a checklist you should tick to make sure you get the best one that lasts for a lifetime.

Checklist to Choose the Best Dealer  


Start by researching the reputation of potential dealers. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers to gauge their satisfaction levels. A reliable dealer should have a positive track record for delivering quality machines and providing excellent customer service. Consider dealers with a long-standing presence in the market as it often indicates stability and trustworthiness.

Range of Machines and Brands

Opt for a dealer with a diverse inventory of used plastic injection molding machines. This ensures that you have a variety of options to choose from based on your specific production requirements. Additionally, a dealer offering machines from reputable brands is more likely to provide reliable equipment. 


A reputable dealer should be transparent about the condition of the used injection molding machines they offer. Inquire about their inspection and certification process. Ensure that the machines undergo thorough assessments, including checks on key components such as the injection unit, clamping system, and controls. Certifications from relevant authorities add an extra layer of assurance regarding the machine’s quality.

To move one inch further, you can visit the dealer in person and check the machine for yourself if they allow it.

Fair Pricing

While cost is a significant factor, it’s crucial to strike a balance between affordability and quality. Compare prices from different dealers and ensure that the quoted prices align with the machine’s condition and specifications. Some dealers may also offer financing options, making it easier for businesses to invest in high-quality equipment without compromising their budgets.

Technical Support

Purchasing a used injection molding machine is not just about the initial transaction; it involves ongoing support. Choose a dealer that provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales services. This includes assistance with installation, training, and maintenance. A dealer with a dedicated support team can save you time and money in the long run.

Injection Parts

The dealer you choose should also have injection molding machine parts for you to buy. Whenever your machine runs into a problem, you should make sure that the dealer has all the injection molding parts for you to buy immediately to make sure your production runs smoothly as a butter.

Transparency in Documentation

Carefully review all documentation provided by the dealer before finalizing any deal. This includes machine specifications, inspection reports, and warranty details. A trustworthy dealer will be transparent about the machine’s history, any repairs it has undergone, and any potential issues. Clear documentation safeguards against future disputes and ensures a smooth transaction.

Geographical Presence

Consider the geographical presence of the dealer. A local dealer may offer advantages in terms of accessibility and quick response times for service and support. However, a dealer with a global presence may have a broader network and access to a more extensive range of machines. Assess your business needs and choose a dealer whose reach aligns with your operational requirements.

Industry Experience

Consider the dealer’s experience and knowledge in the injection molding industry. A dealer with a deep understanding of the technology and its applications is better equipped to guide you through the selection process. Their industry knowledge can also be indicative of their ability to source and deliver high-quality machines.

Customer references

Request references from previous customers who have purchased used injection molding machines from the dealer. Speaking directly with other businesses that have experienced the dealer’s services can provide valuable insights into the overall satisfaction, reliability of the machines, and the level of support offered.



In conclusion, settling for a used injection molding machine is a great way for your manufacturing plant. However, the dealer choice plays the greater part here.

Choosing the Best Used Injection Molding Machine Dealer requires a comprehensive approach. By following this checklist and thoroughly evaluating each criterion, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals. Remember that the right dealer contributes not only to the successful acquisition of a used machine but also to the long-term efficiency and success of your manufacturing operations.

Do not hesitate to ask questions to your dealer since buying a machine is a literal investment for your business. So, take your time, and ask the right questions to make the most out of your investments.

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