How to choose the best energy supplier in UK?

Choosing an energy supplier in UK is one of the most tough choices that any consumer has to make at some point in their life. The energy sector is filled with numerous names with distinctive services that distinguish them from one another. 

Multiple factors act as a driving force in deciding the most suitable utility provider for yourself and your business. But the main thing is the fulfillment of your requirements.

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Some Common Questions

How to find the cheapest energy supplier?

Searching for the cheapest energy supplier in UK for powering your homes or businesses is all about research and staying updated with the trends of the industry. Between domestic and commercial energy suppliers switching over the domestic suppliers is easier and more hassle-free. On the contrary, business suppliers have contracts that extend their connections‘ life. It then becomes difficult for the consumer to switch since he/she has to wait for the expiration of the validity of their contract. 

How to pick the best utility provider in UK?

Finding the best energy provider is a better approach than finding the cheapest one. Because the definition of best supplier is entirely based on your requirements, in the process of picking the best one will have a certain clarity on what one prioritizes in their domestic or business energy supply in UK.

Which electricity supplier to choose?

The first thing that will filter your options is whether you need domestic or business electricity suppliers. Several factors matter before you decide on which supplier’s billing list you would like to be on. For example

  • · How much is your electricity consumption?
  • · What are the peak times and days of your energy consumption?
  • · Need a supplier with extra services and perks

Once you have answers to all the concerns, you can check the online review platforms to analyze the feedback of the consumer and the standards of service that the domestic or commercial energy provider offers. This will narrow down your research and will give you insight from the consumer’s point of view along with the rankings of the supplier. 

What is an energy price cap?

The energy price cap is a certain limit set by the energy regulator in UK Ofgem so that the suppliers can charge the consumers the unit rate according to it. This cap is set four times a year. The cap applies to unit rates but the range of your bill can vary on your consumption whether it’s for a house or for a business. The more you consume, the more you have to pay.

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How long does it take to switch energy suppliers?

The time to switch energy suppliers varies between the company you are already on board with and the one you want to be on board with. On average, the switching application can take a time of 5 days to three weeks to be accepted and processed.

What needs to be done before switching energy suppliers?

When one has finally selected a suitable energy supplier that fulfills their requirements. The next process begins by evaluating if you check all the boxes to switch suppliers. Have an inspection of the property where you wish to install the connection and whether you have a smart meter installed or not. 

Overall, the process is simple yet requires some work from the consumer end. There is no need to change the wires or pipes for the installation of a connection. From the consumer’s end, the new energy provider will need meter readings from the day of switching. The new energy provider will send a letter of onboarding once the switchover is done. 

After this submission, your old energy provider will send you a final settlement which will include any dues you have in your bills. If you have overpaid then the amount will be reversed to your account. You will have to cancel the services from your previous supplier so you won’t be charged by them. The rest of the process will be handled by your new energy supplier.

Can the decision be reconsidered after you change your supplier?

If you realize after switching your supplier that you are not satisfied. Then within 14 days after the switch, you can switch directly through your new supplier.

What’s the impact of switching on gas and electricity supply?

Majorly switching suppliers will not impact the gas and electricity other than the billing process which will be the responsibility of the new provider.

Trusted Platforms to Consult


Ofgem is the regulatory body of the domestic and commercial energy providers in UK. You can check the list of all the registered gas and electricity suppliers in UK. This can give you a prospect of all the potential options and what reputation they hold in the energy sector.

Trust Pilot

It is one of the most trusted websites in UK for reviews. Having the most authentic and credible reviews on the utility providers in UK. Trust Pilot is a two-way interactive platform that allows the users to share their feedback and concerns and allows the energy provider to respond to the reviewer and satisfy their concerns. These reviews can be seen by other potential consumers who are considering that supplier to finalize their decision on whether the company is suitable for them or not.

Some companies that are very active in responding to the comments and reviews of customers are Utitlita, Octopus Energy, Maxen Power, EDF, etc. This helps them in tracking their progress along with finding the gaps that need to be filled in their service. 

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The market of utility providers in UK is filled with many domestic and commercial energy suppliers. Each targets a different category of customers with a different need. This allows the consumer to do a little research on their own and figure out which suits them the most. Review websites work as a credible source to analyse the service status of domestic and business electricity suppliers in UK.


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