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We understand that each customer’s needs are unique, which is why offering a customization service is our main strength. Whether it is a corporate personalization, an event gift, or a personalized request, we can accommodate your requests. I want to own a stainless steel bottle, but there are so many types that I don’t know which one to choose…Our stainless steel bottles produce a variety of lid types, including straw, sport, handle, stainless steel, wooden, and flip top. We acquire more than 400 patents every year.
We will suggest the best water bottles for you. Why not enjoy a slightly nicer life by having your favorite drink near you at a delicious temperature in an earth-friendly and environmentally-friendly stainless steel bottle?

protect your water bottle

Diagonal Horizon stainless steel bottle has a double vacuum-insulated structure. This prevents heat from escaping and keeps you warm for about 6 hours. Our R&D strength, new product development capabilities and customization services will provide the best metal cup wholesale solution for your needs. 

However, if you use it for a long time, the heat retention effect may decrease.
Additionally, if the water bottle is dropped or bumped and subjected to strong external force, the water bottle may deform and lose its vacuum insulation double-layered structure.

Choose by the shape of the spout

There are two types of stainless steel bottles: cup type where you pour the liquid into a cup and drink from it, mug type and direct type where you open the cap and drink directly to your mouth. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale stainless steel tumbler supplier, it would be your perfect choice. We supply high quality stainless steel tumblers in bulk with different designs, colors and sizes.
Please choose the perfect stainless steel bottle according to the purpose and occasion.

Recommended for the office

Perfect for those who want to enjoy drinks at a delicious temperature in a stainless steel bottle instead of a mug. It is also recommended as a companion for lunch boxes. Bringing hot tea or herbal tea to the office is a great way to cool yourself down and combat stress. It is convenient to carry and has a slim shape, so it fits easily in your commuting bag. We have a rich lineup including 360mL, 480mL, and 600mL.

Even if you fill it with cold drinks, there will be no condensation, so you won’t get your work bag or important documents on your desk wet.

Recommended for sports

Work up a sweat and enjoy sports. In such cases, we recommend opening the cap and drinking directly into your mouth. You can drink cold drinks quickly, so you can stay hydrated smoothly.

This is a must-have item for situations where sufficient hydration is required, such as watching long sports or outdoor events.

For leisure and outdoor activities recommendation

A slightly larger size with a cup is perfect for cherry blossom viewing, picnics, and other occasions when you want to share it with others. A cold drink on the beach in summer or a hot drink on a leisure trip in winter will soothe your throat and soul. Stainless steel travel tumbler are such an incredible option. Did you know that stainless steel insulated tumblers can last for years? Yes, they are very durable and convenient too! It’s a sustainable alternative to different types of single-use plastics. Also, there are many more benefits of using an insulated tumbler made of stainless steel.

If you bring hot water in a large stainless steel bottle and instant coffee or tea bags, everyone can enjoy freshly brewed coffee or tea on site.

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