There Are Many Types of Cameras, How to Choose a Digital Camera?

In people’s life, they always think of recording the beautiful pictures or moments in life. At this time, people need to use a device – a camera. There are many types of camcorders, among which, the most popular and trusted type of camcorder is the digital camcorder. So how to choose a digital camera?

Compared with the traditional video camera, the digital video camera has the characteristics of high definition and pure color of the captured image data.

The most important thing is that digital video cameras use digital video format to store image data, which greatly facilitates people to copy data, and in the process of image data copying, data damage will not occur.

It is worth mentioning that, in terms of appearance design, digital video cameras have the characteristics of small size and lightweight compared with traditional video cameras.

How to Choose a Digital Camera?

Volume and appearance

Two indicators are very important for home cameras. First of all, the shape of a machine is directly related to whether others sneer or look envious when you use it.

Our consumer machines are generally entertaining, so it is necessary to consider the shape. Another is the size. Home cameras are generally carried when going out, so it is very necessary to be small and exquisite, so that it can be easily carried. Customers also visit at photo universe discount code NHS.


Like a digital camera, the lens is also an important factor that determines the imaging quality of a digital camera. The lens first depends on the optical zoom factor.

The larger the optical zoom factor, the greater the degree of choice in the size of the shooting scene, which will bring great convenience to the composition.

This is the same as the zoom lens of the camera; the second is the lens. Aperture, if the aperture is small, then no matter how large the pixel is, it will not be able to shoot well in low light, that is to say, it will become a bottleneck for digital camera imaging.


Like digital cameras, CCD pixels are also an important indicator to measure the imaging quality of digital cameras. The size of the pixels directly determines the clarity, color, and smoothness of the captured image. The pixel and size of the CCD basically determine the grade of the digital camera.

Now the mid-range is generally around 800,000 to 1 million pixels, while the mid-range and high-end are generally above 1.2 million.

Low-end digital cameras generally use 1/6-inch CCD, while mid-to-high-end digital cameras generally use 1/4-inch CCD or larger. Everyone just needs to remember that the bigger the CCD, the better, and the bigger it is, the more expensive it is.

Number of lines

Whether a digital camera is good or not depends not only on its own pixels, but also on the number of lines of the machine itself for a digital camera.

The number of lines of the general machine has reached more than 500. below this standard. Picture quality will not be guaranteed.

Liquid crystal display

The main point of the liquid crystal display is that the brightness should be high enough, the pixels should be large enough, and the larger the area, the better.

Now the more popular ones are 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches. The LCD screen can display a larger image, making it easy to see the image to be shot and to play back the shot.


Don’t underestimate the accessories, it also plays a very critical role in the normal operation of the DV player, such as the battery. Generally, the battery that comes with the camera has a relatively short shooting time.

If there is a better battery, It feels great to be able to shoot as much as you like when you use it. There are also memory cards, various wires (matching each model of the machine), and some machines may have other accessories.

Pay attention to see if all the equipment on the delivery list is delivered. UV mirrors, tripods, etc. are all useful accessories that need to be purchased separately. You can also check the offers at ao discount code NHS.

Tips for Choosing a Digital Camera

When we choose a digital camera, we must first know what we are doing. If you only use it daily at home, then you can choose some cheap and high-quality digital cameras. Generally, card cameras are mainly used for home photography. This type of camera is very portable.

If you are a photography enthusiast or a professional photography expert, you need to choose a slightly more professional camera. I suggest you use a telephoto camera. Personally, I recommend a SLR, because SLR is the most professional camera.

For professional cameras, the bigger the CCD, the better. This can bring great benefits to professionals and the level of photos taken is relatively high.

However, everyone should pay attention to the fact that the CCD standard of card machines used at home is: The smaller the number, the better.

When we choose a professional camera, we must remember that the larger the aperture, the better, and the smaller the numerical value, the larger the aperture.

In addition, the same is true for the digital cameras we use at home. They are basically the same as the aperture requirements of professional cameras. This is what everyone pays attention to.

The smaller the focal length of our home and professional digital cameras, the smaller the macro. Of course, this data depends on your own needs.

Most card cameras have a minimum focal length of about 3-5 cm, and some are better. The card machine can achieve 1cm macro. 

Nowadays, many digital camera merchants promote the pixels of their digital cameras. In fact, pixels are not a very important value for digital cameras.

Personally, I feel that about 5 million pixels are enough for our home digital cameras. Most cameras now have all around 10 million.

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