How to change the font style in Wilcom

How to change the font style in Wilcom

In the realm of embroidery design, the choice of font style is paramount. Wilcom, a leading embroidery software, empowers users to not only create custom fonts but also provides a plethora of options for changing font styles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 6 important hacks on how to change the font style in Wilcom, ensuring a seamless and creative experience for embroidery enthusiasts.

Hack 1: Understanding the Font Toolbar

Wilcom’s user-friendly interface includes a dedicated Font Toolbar that serves as the control center for managing font styles. This toolbar provides quick access to various font-related settings, making it the starting point for font customization.

Sub-Hack 1.1: Locate the Font Toolbar

Before delving into font customization, familiarize yourself with the location of the Font Toolbar within the Wilcom software. Typically situated at the top or side of the workspace, this toolbar houses essential tools for changing font styles.

Sub-Hack 1.2: Explore Font Options

Clicking on the Font Toolbar unveils a range of font options, including style, size, and spacing. Take the time to explore these options to understand the breadth of font styles available in Wilcom.

Hack 2: Selecting the Perfect Font Style

Choosing the free embroidery fonts style sets the tone for your embroidery design. Wilcom offers a diverse selection of font styles, from classic to contemporary, ensuring there’s a style to suit every project.

Sub-Hack 2.1: Browse Font Libraries

Navigate through Wilcom’s extensive font libraries to discover a myriad of styles. Whether you’re seeking a script font for elegance or a bold font for impact, Wilcom’s libraries have you covered.

Sub-Hack 2.2: Filter by Categories

Wilcom allows you to filter fonts by categories such as script, sans-serif, or decorative. This streamlined approach helps you narrow down your options based on the specific style you’re envisioning for your embroidery.

Hack 3: Customizing Font Size and Proportions

Once you’ve selected a font style, the next step is to customize its size and proportions according to your design requirements. Wilcom provides intuitive tools for precise adjustments.

Sub-Hack 3.1: Adjust Font Size

Use the Font Toolbar to adjust the size of your chosen font. Wilcom enables both manual input of size values and interactive resizing, allowing you to find the perfect dimensions for your design.

Sub-Hack 3.2: Maintain Proportions

To avoid distortion, Wilcom includes an option to maintain the proportions of the font while resizing. This ensures that the style and appearance of the font remain consistent, irrespective of size changes.

Hack 4: Playing with Font Spacing and Kerning

Font spacing and kerning play a crucial role in the overall aesthetics of your embroidery design. Wilcom provides advanced options to control these aspects, offering a high level of customization.

Sub-Hack 4.1: Adjust Letter Spacing

Fine-tune the spacing between letters using the Letter Spacing tool in the Font Toolbar. This feature is particularly useful for achieving a balanced and visually appealing layout in your embroidery text.

Sub-Hack 4.2: Experiment with Kerning

Kerning focuses on the spacing between specific pairs of letters. Wilcom’s kerning tools allow you to manually adjust the spacing between individual letters, ensuring optimal visual harmony in your font style.

Hack 5: Adding Emphasis with Font Effects

Wilcom goes beyond basic font styles by offering a range of effects that add flair and emphasis to your text. These effects can transform a simple font into a dynamic element within your embroidery design.

Sub-Hack 5.1: Accessing Font Effects

Explore the Font Effects options within Wilcom to discover features like outlines, shadows, and 3D effects. These effects can be applied selectively to enhance specific letters or the entire font, adding depth and dimension.

Sub-Hack 5.2: Experiment with Transparency

For a subtle yet impactful effect, experiment with font transparency. This feature allows you to create a semi-transparent appearance, providing a contemporary and ethereal touch to your embroidery text.

Hack 6: Saving and Exporting Your Custom Font Styles

After perfecting your custom font style, it’s essential to save and export it for future use. Wilcom simplifies this process, ensuring that your meticulously crafted font styles are easily accessible for various projects.

Sub-Hack 6.1: Save Font Styles

Wilcom allows you to save your custom font styles within the software. This ensures that you can effortlessly retrieve and apply them to future designs without the need for recreating them.

Sub-Hack 6.2: Exporting for Consistency

To maintain consistency across multiple projects, export your custom font styles in a format compatible with Wilcom or other embroidery software. This step streamlines the workflow and ensures a cohesive visual identity in your embroidery work.


Mastering font styles in Wilcom opens up a world of creative possibilities for embroidery enthusiasts. By understanding the intricacies of the Font Toolbar, selecting the perfect font style, customizing size and proportions, playing with spacing and kerning, adding emphasis with font effects, and efficiently saving and exporting your creations, you’ll elevate your embroidery designs to new heights. These 6 important hacks serve as a roadmap for seamless font customization in Wilcom, allowing you to infuse your projects with a unique and personalized touch.


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