How to change name on Breeze Airlines Flight

The majority of the time, travelers use a variety of techniques to reserve their flights with Breeze Airlines. If you choose to complete it online, you must pay close attention to the names and other facts you type. In the unlikely event that your name is misspelled. You can easily amend it on the ticket for Blown Away. Let’s examine how to complete Breeze Airways Name change process.

Procedure for altering a passenger’s name on a Breeze Airlines ticket through the website

On the internet at, you can alter your name. To do this, you must complete the following actions in order to better comprehend without making any mistakes.

  • Visit Breeze Airways’ official website.
  • Navigate to the “My Trips” option to access your airline’s account.
  • To access your ticket, now complete the required fields for “Booking number” and “Last name.”
  • Once your ticket shows up on the screen. Select the “Edit Name” icon after reviewing all of the modification possibilities.
  • After providing the airline with a document that has been approved by the government.
  •  You can change a few letters in the name from the reserved ticket and have it confirmed.
  •  Upon request, pay the service fees and obtain a new ticket bearing the proper name.

What is the policy for name changes at Breeze Airways?

You should be aware of the standard breeze airways name change policy before managing or changing your name.

  • This policy applies to all passengers.
  • Please review the following relevant policies before continuing:
  • You cannot travel with Breeze Airways if the name on the passport and the name on your ticket are different.
  • You should double-check all of the details.
  • If you get married, you must additionally provide your marriage certificate at the airport, along with a government document, in order to have your name changed on the ticket.
  • Your name on your passport, government document, and ticket must match exactly when you board the aircraft.
  • Only the primary letters of the name may be changed.
  • To change your entire name. Get in touch with the Breeze Airlines hotline staff.
  • To get your name corrected, get in touch with the travel agency or airline employee who guided you in making the purchase.
  • If the tickets were bought online or at the departures counter, changing the name on them is a simple process.

What is the cost of changing the name on Breeze Airways?

You must be fully aware of the breeze airlines renaming fees in order to avoid confusion, even after you are aware of the required procedures and policies.

Verify the following elements as well: –

The process is free if you are changing your name in 24 hours of placing your reservation.

Should you decide to change your name after buying your ticket, you will be responsible for paying the airline’s service fee.

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You will be charged $10 or more if you want to change the identity on your ticket.

After purchasing a Breeze ticket, is it possible to modify the name on it?

Yes, after purchasing a breeze flight ticket, you are able to modify the passenger’s name.

If you have lost the name on your ticket, you have another option to change it in addition to the online technique we briefly covered.

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You can get in touch with the Breeze airline support department.

It is simple to modify the passenger name on a Blown Airways ticket by using the helpline services:

By phone: You must contact the representative of Breeze Airways at 501-273-3931 in order to speak with a real member of the team.

With Email: is another email address you can use.

With live chat: By using this service, you can converse with the airline’s digital assistant as well.


Travelers can book their ticket in the Breeze Airways and get their seat from the Breeze Seat Assignment. The changes in the name can be done by the travellers by using any of the above options and get the work done.


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