How to Change Admin Password of DLink DIR655 Router?

Want to change  admin password of your D Link router? This post that you’ve landed on has been penned down to help users like you who want to update the admin password of the D Link router. We have taken DIR655 model number as reference, however the steps are the same for all other router models by D Link. That means whether you have a DLink DIR655 setup or any other router, you can rely on the same steps.

Let’s Change DIR655 Router Admin Password?

Before we tell you about the process to change the admin password, let us tell you what an admin password is. The admin password is the one that you use to log in to your router. It is entirely different from the WiFi password that is used to connect to the WiFi network of the router.

For your information, when you purchase a DLink router, it has default values assigned to it. The default admin username is admin and the default password is blank. You need not enter any password to log in. Just leave the field blank.

But after you have completed the setup, it is recommended to assign a value to the admin password. This is because anyone on your network can log in to you router and thus your network is insecure.

Steps to Change Admin Password

1st Step: Check the Connections First

Begin the process by verifying the connections made to the D Link DIR655 WiFi router. The router connects to the modem. The connection between these two devices should be secure and firm. Consider examining the LAN cable that is used to join the devices. Also, check the ports in use.

In the event of making a wireless connection, see to it that the router sits within the range of the modem.

2nd Step: Check Power Supply

The next step is to check the power connection to the router and the modem. All you need to check is that both the devices should be fully powered on with a consistent power supply to them. Observe the Power LEDs on them. They should be lit.

3rd Step: Join the Network

It is now time you join the right network on the device that you are using to change the DLink DIR655 default password. So, firstly, switch on your laptop or computer. After that, join the router’s WiFi by using its network name or SSID and WiFi password. There is an alternative way that you can use to join the network. You can use a LAN cable to get your PC connected to the router’s network.

4th Step: Log in to Router

Run an internet browser on your computer/laptop now. Ensure to use an updated browser. In the address field type dlikrouter.local and press Enter. You will land on the admin login page. Type the username and password in the provided fields. If you haven’t assigned a value to the admin password then leave the field blank. Click Log in to log in to DIR655 router.

5th Step: Update Admin Password

Once you reach the admin dashboard of the router, go to the settings. Next, select Administration. Under Admin Password, assign new value to the password. Confirm the password by typing it twice. Save the settings and you are all set to use the new password.

In the End

This way you can update the admin password of your D Link DIR 655 router. You can now use the updated password to log in to the router. Make a note that you should change the admin password once in three months to secure your network.

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