How to apply for a driving license online

There are still numerous benefits to owning a car, even if cab services and the reach of public transportation have considerably expanded in recent years. Owning a car gives you a sense of freedom in addition to giving you the ability to travel anywhere at any time.

You must first learn how to drive before getting a license in order to be able to drive a car on your own. You are not permitted to drive without a driving license under any circumstances, regardless of how much experience you claim to have.The Regional Transport Office (RTO) had to be visited multiple times in the past to issue a driver’s license, which was a major nuisance.

How to submit an online driving license application


You can now apply for a driving license online through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The procedure is fairly easy to understand. The following are all the steps required to apply for a driving license online: –


access the website at 

Your screen will have a “Driving License” option toward the left of it. Just click it.


You must now choose the “Apply Online” option. When a drop-down menu appears, choose “New Driving License” from the list that appears.


You can read all the details regarding the procedure for submitting your driving license application online on the new page that will open after clicking here. following reading the

Click “Continue” after carefully reading the instructions.


You will now be prompted to choose the type of license you currently possess, such as a learner’s permit, a defense license, or a foreign driving permit.


Choose the relevant choice, then click “Proceed.”


You must now enter the number of the relevant license you are currently holding along with your date of birth, depending on the option you chose above.


After entering all the data, select “OK”.


You must now complete the essential fields on the screen with all of your personal information.


Provide factual information.


You must now provide scanned copies of your identification documents, including those that prove your address, age, and place of residence.


After that, you must upload scanned copies of your passport-size photo.

signature and a photo. The scanned documents’ size and dimensions must follow the website’s guidelines.


You will now be given the option to select the time of your driving license appointment at your chosen RTO.


Choose the appointment’s day and time according to your schedule.


To successfully submit your form, you must then make the driving license payment. The application would be sent to your RTO after you paid the payment.


Keep a copy of the payment receipt and acknowledgement slip on hand. Note the number associated with your online application. This will make it easier to check the status of your driver’s license later.


Make sure you arrive at the RTO by the specified time.

time and bring all of your original paperwork with you.


These are all the steps needed to submit an online driving license application. You will need to speak with the person taking the driving test at the RTO. Make sure to have your car with you when you go for the test. Do everything the instructor asks of you and pay attention to his directions. He or she will submit your application for further processing if you pass the driving test.


the status of your application for a license to drive


Once you have completed the application process and passed the driving test, you can check the status of your driving license application online. The steps you must take are listed below.

To check the status of your driver’s license online:


Visit the official website and login.


Click the “Apply Online” link.


Go to the drop-down menu and choose “Application Status.”


Enter your Application number and date of birth on the following screen, then press the “Submit” button.


Today, you can check the status of your application online. Additionally, it will let you know if any actions on your part are required.



In summary, while both the Learner’s License and the Driving License are critical documents in the process of becoming a licensed driver, they serve different purposes and come with varying levels of restrictions. The Learner’s License is the starting point, allowing individuals to gain experience under supervision, while the Driving License represents the attainment of full driving privileges. Understanding the difference between these two licenses is essential for anyone embarking on their journey to becoming a responsible and safe driver on the road.


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