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How Pursuing PhD in Canada is Beneficial for Indian Students?

If students want to pursue their PhD in Canada, it’s the best decision for their studies. In recent years, there has been increase in the number of learners studying PhD in this country. This degree is often required when you apply for high level management jobs, government expert positions etc. Moreover, Canadian universities provide excellent educational opportunities for foreign PhD students in various fields of study. In addition, graduates from Canada experience lower levels of unemployment and higher earnings. Therefore, know why learners should choose Canada for their further studies.

Why Choose Canada?

Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of foreign students from around the world. When you choose to study in this country, this will be the best investment for your future. Here, you will get a high standard of living, and it’s known for offering high-quality study and research chances. Furthermore, here you can access scholarships and part time work possibilities to help pay for your studies. Apart from that, they can get an excellent return when they use their Canadian qualifications to build their future careers. Moreover, this nation is an open, safe and culturally mixed society. Moving forward, here is a list of top PhD programs offered by Canadian universities.

Top PhD Program in Canada

PhD programs in Canada offer various study streams. For students interested in management, economics, and culture, it is the best course for them. Canadian universities provide excellent opportunities for advanced research and academic excellence. Furthermore, below are the popular PhD programs in Canada:

  1. Business & Management
  2. Agriculture and Forestry
  3. Applied Science
  4. Computer Science & IT
  5. Engineering and Tech
  6. Humanities
  7. Social Science
  8. Mathematics
  9. Medicine
  10. Biological Science
  11. Sociology
  12. Psychology

The University of Toronto, Alberta, and Montreal are the top three choices that offer these programs.

Therefore, know how much time PhD in Canada takes to complete the studies.

How Many Years Does it Take to Study PhD in Canada?

Programs in Canadian universities are mostly research based. That lasts for up to 4 to 6 years generally. The doctorate program has more in common with the UK than the USA. Most of the courses needed at least three years of full time study and research. Some learners can study for longer. Moreover, aspirants need to hold a master’s degree to apply for a standard Canadian PhD program.

Intakes for PhD in Canada

PhD in Canada has three main intakes in a year and during each term. Indian student can apply for the college as per their desire. Moreover, they should choose the right time to start your PhD journey in Canada.

  • Fall (primary) duration of the intake is between September to December or can be in early January. It is most popular among Indian students because this term offers many courses.
  • Winter intake (secondary) time for this intake is between January to May. This term will be ideal for learners who didn’t take the first take. This is a good option for them if they miss the chance to start their studies in the early study year.
  • Spring or Summer intake duration is between May and August. Learners usually apply for summer admission this semester. For a limited selection of programs and colleges, the application process usually starts in April or May.

So, these where the intakes of universities. Below are the details about the needed documents and other requirements.

PhD Requirements in Canada

Studying in Canada or any other country requires one to follow certain processes and documents. The process is very tough as it seems to gather so many documents. Hence, completing all the requirements alone is hard for a student. So, for help, you can get guidance from an agent for study abroad. So, here are some basic requirements you need to fulfil before taking the exam.

Documents Required to Study for a PhD in Canada

  • LOR
  • SOP or project details
  • Proof of your study background
  • Test score card for needed language test
  • UG exam result
  • Updated resume for the interview process

Basic Requirements

  • Students should provide a PG degree with good grades in related streams. Also, ensure your GPA is 3.0 or above on a scale of 4.0 to pursue PhD in Canada.
  • Extracurricular activities and two years of work experience are viewed positively. So if they have these, then it’s good for the records.
  • Some universities also ask them for a live interview after reviewing their test score.
  • Need good scores in IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE exams.
    • IELTS-6.5 (Band score no less than 6.0)
    • TOFEL-100 (iBT) with 22 in writing, 600 (qBT) WITH 5.0 TWE

So, these are the following process and requirements student need to fulfill before starting PhD in Canada for their higher studies.


In conclusion, studying in Canada for a PhD is beneficial for Indian students in many ways, such as opportunities and employability. However, getting this chance is very hard because of the difficult process and lots of documentation.

Hence, to smooth your journey and get your selection letter from the desired college, you can hire an agent for study abroad. This decision will boost your chances of accomplishing your goals.

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