How MJF 3D Printing Works | MJF 3D Printing Process

3D Printing Process

Understanding the MJF 3D Printing Process:

The MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) 3D printing process combines inkjet printing and powder fusion, presenting a unique approach to creating detailed and durable parts. Familiarising yourself with the steps involved in this process is crucial for refining designs and achieving desired outcomes.

How MJF 3D Printing Works: A Step-by-Step Guide:

The MJF process begins by spreading a thin layer of thermoplastic powder over the build platform, acting as the base material for the object. The layer thickness is adjustable to cater to the desired level of detail and strength. An inkjet array then selectively deposits a fusing agent onto the powder, enabling precise melting and fusion of powder particles in specific areas. This meticulous application ensures that only essential portions of the powder undergo fusion, leaving the rest untouched.

After applying the fusing agent, the build platform descends by one layer thickness, and another layer of powder is spread over the preceding layer. This iterative process continues until the entire object is fully printed, with each layer fused to produce a robust and resilient final product.

Advantages of MJF 3D Printing:

MJF offers several advantages, including the ability to print complex geometries effortlessly and at a relatively fast pace. The inkjet array’s capability to deposit the fusing agent in intricate patterns allows for the creation of highly detailed objects. This versatility makes MJF suitable for various applications, from prototyping to manufacturing and even medical uses.

Another notable advantage is the speed of the MJF process. Simultaneous printing of multiple layers contributes to a faster production cycle compared to other 3D printing methods, making it a viable option for projects with tight deadlines or high-volume production requirements.

Moreover, MJF provides excellent surface finish and resolution. The precision of the fusing agent results in smooth and precise edges, yielding a high-quality final product ideal for objects requiring a polished and professional appearance.

In conclusion, the MJF 3D printing process, with its combination of inkjet printing and powder fusion, produces strong, detailed, and high-quality objects. Understanding the step-by-step Mjf 3d Printing Beginner Guide empowers designers and manufacturers to leverage the full potential of MJF, bringing their creative ideas to life.

Designing for MJF: Essential Guidelines:

Designing for MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) technology requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal results. MJF utilises a combination of inkjet printing and powder fusion to create detailed and durable parts. Here are essential guidelines to follow when designing for MJF:

Support Structures:

  • While MJF inherently supports overhangs and complex geometries, using ribs, gussets, and support structures for larger and flat shapes helps ensure successful prints with reduced warp.


Wall Thickness:


  • Provide sufficient clearance between moving parts (0.5mm recommended) to avoid interference and ensure functionality.


  • Experiment with different print orientations to optimize surface finish and strength. Parts printed at an angle often achieve the best surface finish.


  • Parts printed at a flat orientation generally offer the best accuracy.


  • Consider hollowing out the model if feasible, as it reduces material consumption and improves cost-effectiveness.

Injection Moulding Considerations:

  • Follow injection moulding design guidelines, including considerations for wall thickness, fillets, ribs, and gussets, to achieve the best part quality.

By adhering to these guidelines, designers can unlock the full potential of MJF technology, creating stunning, functional, and durable 3D-printed objects.

Saving Costs with MJF 3D Printing

While MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) 3D printing is known for producing high-quality prints, cost-effectiveness remains a consideration for many individuals and businesses. Implementing cost-saving strategies without compromising print quality is possible with MJF. Here are some strategies to make MJF printing more cost-effective:

Batch Printing:

  • Combine multiple objects into a single print run to maximise printer capacity, reduce print runs, and minimise material usage.


  • Hollow out the model where possible to reduce material consumption and achieve significant cost savings.

Material Selection:

  • Choose the most suitable material for your project to strike a balance between quality and affordability.

By adopting these cost-effective strategies, individuals and businesses can explore the full potential of MJF 3D printing while staying within budget constraints.

Choosing the Right Supplier for MJF Printing

Selecting the right MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) printing service provider is crucial for bringing your designs to life. Consider the following factors when choosing an MJF printing service:

Quality of Prints:

  • Ensure the provider can produce high-quality prints that accurately represent your designs. Look for examples of their work to gauge print quality.

Turnaround Time:

  • Consider the provider’s turnaround time, especially if your project has urgent deadlines. Inquire about expedited options if needed.


  • While budget is important, be cautious of significantly lower prices, as this may indicate compromises in quality. Invest in a service that offers the desired results.

Customer Support:

  • Choose a provider with excellent customer service, responsive communication, and support throughout the printing process.

Sample Prints and Case Studies:

  • Review sample prints and case studies on the provider’s website to understand their capabilities and alignment with your project requirements.

By carefully considering these factors, you can find a reliable MJF printing service that meets your vision and delivers the desired results.


Becoming proficient in MJF 3D printing involves:

  • Understanding the process.
  • Designing effectively.
  • Implementing cost-saving strategies.
  • Choosing the right supplier.

With this knowledge, you can unleash your creativity and leverage the vast potential of MJF 3D printing. Imagine holding tangible representations of your ideas, transforming them from concepts into physical reality. Whether you’re an architect, artist, or innovator, MJF printing opens doors to endless possibilities.

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