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How Keratin Lash Lift Adds Volume To Your Eyelashes?

Keratin Lash Lift

A keratin lash lift is a cosmetic technique that lifts and curls the eyelashes to improve their appearance. The goal of the procedure is to give the eyes a more voluminous and open appearance. An esthetician uses a chemical solution throughout the procedure to lift and curl your lashes from base to tip. With this technique, you can see the entire length of the lash, giving the impression that your natural lashes are longer, thicker, and more curled without the need for extensions.

How Does It Work?

A lifting solution is administered to the lashes during a standard lash lift in order to dissolve the disulfide bonds in the hair and allow for reshaping. Usually having an alkaline base, this solution helps to curl the lashes temporarily. The lashes are locked into the newly raised position using a setting solution. Using a keratin-based solution in addition to or instead of the standard lifting solution is known as a keratin lash lift.

Keratin can strengthen lashes, enhance their look, and support general well-being. Because keratin is the same material that makes up hair and eyelashes, a keratin lash lift is less harmful because the formula helps to preserve the integrity of your lashes during the procedure. Most clients choose to add a lash tint to their lifting procedure, which darkens their lashes for a more obvious result.

Advantages of Keratin Lash Lift

The following are the advantages of a keratin lash lift for the growth and well-being of natural lashes:

Low Maintenance

You usually do not need to use mascara or lash curlers to curl or lift after a keratin lash lift. This can save you time and improve the convenience of your regular lash procedure.

Minimal damage

A keratin lash lift eliminates the need to connect anything to the natural lashes, in contrast to conventional lash extensions or fake lashes. This indicates that there is little chance that the lashes will be broken or damaged throughout the process.

Natural look

Rather than using extensions or synthetic strands, a keratin lash lift enhances the natural lashes by curling and elevating them. This preserves the natural appearance while giving the appearance of increased openness and volume.


Vitamins, proteins, and other healthy elements are frequently included in the keratin-based solution, which conditions the lashes and may enhance their general health and look.

Who Can Get Keratin Lash Lift?

Most people can have a keratin lash lift, but if you are prone to irritation, specifically, we advise consulting your dermatologist before scheduling an appointment. A keratin lash lift might not be appropriate if your natural lashes are already weak, damaged, or invalid. It is critical to give your lashes top priority and get professional advice on the best ways to treat them to enhance their condition. To safeguard your lashes, some studios have a minimum length requirement of four millimeters for lashes in order to undergo the service.

The Procedure for Keratin Lash Lift

The full procedure, which typically takes 45 minutes to an hour and involves a lash tint in addition to the lift, is average. An esthetician or lash specialist will execute your keratin lash lift. The specific procedure differs depending on the location. However, the steps listed below outline the general procedure you can anticipate.

Your esthetician basically applies the keratin solution to your lashes using a tiny, flexible rod that is placed on your eyelid throughout the procedure to give the curl. But before they can recommend the ideal rod size, your esthetician should discuss your desired outcome with you. The esthetician measures out the appropriate rod size for me, then secures it with medical tape on both sides. She then applies an under-eye gel to the lower lash line to keep the lower lashes out of the way. You are then asked to close your eyes while they attach the flexible rod to the upper lash line. You must keep your eyes closed during the entire procedure and resist the urge to open them.

They begin applying the keratin lash solution after uniformly brushing the lashes onto the rod using a spoolie brush. They paint upwards from the root to the tip using a little brush. This is a really soothing section, and the esthetician should keep checking in to make sure you’re not in any pain.

After your lashes are “painted” onto the rod, you will need to remain still for roughly ten minutes so the keratin compound can fully permeate into your lashes. This is a completely painless treatment for the majority of folks. However, few people feel a bearable burning sensation in the direction of their lash line while doing this procedure. If you choose the tint, your esthetician will use a little brush to paint upward from the base to the tip, applying the dye in the same manner that they applied the keratin compound.

Most lash salons offer an assortment of tint tints, ranging from earthy browns to striking blacks. After the tint is applied, the medical tape and under-eye patch are removed from your affected area. This does not cause discomfort. Your esthetician will then use water or a mild makeup remover to wash away any remaining makeup carefully. You will then gradually open your eyes and notice that your lashes have entirely changed.

What To Expect After Keratin Lash Lift?

Although the length and porosity of your lashes will determine the exact outcomes, a keratin lash lift usually lasts for many weeks before your lashes start to regress and the hue fades. Depending on the specific lash development cycle, the results of a keratin lash lift are often temporary, lasting between six and eight weeks. The lashes will eventually revert to their original condition after this time. To keep the intended appearance, touch-ups or repeat treatments are required on a regular basis.


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