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How I Save MBOX File as PDF on Mac in Few Seconds?

Get Easy Way to Save MBOX File as PDF on Mac with Emails and Attachments

PDF files are one of the flexible and compatible file format and are known for representing document into electronic image. Whereas, MBOX holds encryption issues which could affect the data stored in it. That is why users nowadays are wondering how I save MBOX file as PDF on Mac. Therefore, in the blog we will discuss safe and powerful process that will transform MBOX file into PDF on Mac without affecting the data integrity of emails.

What is MBOX File & Why Saving MBOX File as PDF on Mac is Beneficial?

MBOX files are known for storing email messages in a plain-text form along with the attachments. These are supported by variety of email applications for email storage such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Google Takeout, and more. MBOX are basically available in different variations i.e. MBOXO, MBOXRD, MBOXCL, and MBOXCL2.

MBOXO is generated by Eudora where email files are stored as attachments. MBOXRD begins the messages with “from” and is supported by Qmail, Netscape, & Thunderbird. MBOXCL used to locate the started message & emails and are transformed before appending. MBOXCL2 make use of content length i.e. header to indicate starting of message. However, it does not alter email before storing. This is not a standard format and is specific to a particular email client application.

However, keeping MBOX files openly on the system is not recommended because they are easily accessible using text-editor which could result in data theft or data loss. Therefore, securing MBOX data in PDF will protect users from encountering malicious activity. But how to save MBOX file as PDF on Mac, let us discuss the process in detail.

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How I Save MBOX File as PDF on Mac?

The simplified and cost-effective way to save MBOX file as PDF on Mac is MacMister MBOX to PDF Mac Converter application. It is a solution which is operable by all professional and non-professional users as the software includes an intuitive and friendly interface. With the help of the tool, users can perform the batch conversion of MBOX files to PDF at once and save MBOX file as PDF without data loss.

Moreover, the application has numerous features which users can use to save MBOX file as PDF on Mac according to their requirements. However, a freeware version of the software is also present that can be downloaded and utilized to test the working steps of the application for free.

Working Steps to Save MBOX File as PDF on Mac

Step 1. Download and open the application on your Mac system.


Step 2. Load MBOX files on the tool by using Add File(s)/Add Folder options. With the help of Add File(s) option, users can add MBOX files on the tool and the Add Folder option allow users to add a folder of multiple MBOX files on the tool. Choose the desirable option and tap Next.


Step 3. The software will start listing MBOX files on its panel with selected checkboxes. However, users can use checkboxes as per their requirements. They can select/deselect them according to their specific needs and continue by saving selected MBOX files as PDF, if required. Otherwise, click Next and proceed.


Step 4. Now, the next software screen will show multiple options. Set them as per the requirements and click on Next button.


Step 5. Make use of Filters to save specific MBOX files and for email duplication, if needed and then tap Export button.


Step 6. The conversion will start and the ongoing export status will appear on Live Conversion Window.


The tool will complete the process by displaying message on the screen i.e. “Conversion Completed”. Click on the OK button and go to the location where resultant PDF files are saved. Open the required PDF document to see if the application properly implemented the conversion or not. However, every file will appear in exact layout, content, and formatting properties. So, do not worry about the data at all and use the solution for a safe and precise conversion.

Download the free demo of the application to get its detailed experience for free. Moreover, the trial edition will allow to save first 25 MBOX files as PDF on Mac free of cost.


In the article, we have discussed a brilliant way to resolve “How I save MBOX file as PDF on Mac”. The solution will smoothly convert MBOX to PDF and save MBOX emails as PDF on Mac easily. And most important, it will not alter the original data. Each and every email after the process will be accurate and precise. Moreover, there is MacMister MBOX Converter for Mac also available that allows conversion of MBOX files into 15+ saving options such as PST, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, DOC, CSV, OLM, IMAP, G Suite, Gmail, and more. However, a free demo of the tool is also available with the help of users can analyse and evaluate the software working for free.

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