How To Genesis II Mission To Colonize New Worlds Book?

Mankind has always desired to set foot in space. However, generations have grown up listening to the tales of the moon. Kids sing rhymes on the planets and stars. These rhymes and stories reflect their quest of exploring and conquering space. But after the first successful incident in 1969, people started thinking practically about flying in space logically. Nobody can dare to forget that event on 21st July 1969 when everyone had their eyes stuck on their television screens.

Hence, it was the era of the late sixties and the beginning of the seventies when the United States became the top leader in reaching the moon. But people still think of it as a fabricated video. At that time, spaceships used to take years to launch their mission and finish it successfully after landing safely on Earth. The video of Neil Armstrong put the viewers in complete suspicion. Russia had a rivalry with the United States at that time. So, the USA did not want to let its enemy take the favor.

Hence, they conceived a brilliant plan to befool innocent people. Therefore, they assured the audience of the live video and made them believe it was true. The name of the popular spaceship was Apollo 11, which made a successful visit to the moon and came back securely on the ground. In the past five decades, India has managed to reach the moon to show its pride and honor to the globe. It became possible by reading Genesis 2, Mission to Colonize New Worlds book. This book gave them the concept and idea to make them a reality.

Establish A Fund For The Spacecraft:

Space exploration and colonization are national projects. However, they are solely responsible for the complete program. Therefore, they must use their self-funding and not borrow a single penny from the public. So, it can help them finance their budget and create an advanced aircraft that is equipped with all innovative features. Hence, they can use uranium fuel to transport and fly their shuttle in space.

Uranium is a lethal metal that can become explosive and destructive for the space unit team. Thus, it can ruin and destroy everything, making it rubble and debris on the ground. But scientific operations are nothing without practical experimentation. However, scientists must take the risk to test their space shuttle performance and functionality in the air.

Perform Research And Development:

Extensive research is required for global scientists to study space, the cosmos, the galaxy, and the Milky Way. These physical entities in the sky are naturally operative by GOD ALMIGHTY. So, he is the one and only creator of the entire universe. However, he made the globe in seven days and maintained the system of the space. Therefore, scientists and researchers must read holy books with translations for a better and clearer understanding of astronomical knowledge.

Hence, the more they dig deeper into the space, they can unfold many shocking mysteries. It allows them to reveal many hidden secrets of the universe. However, with the research, they can open their minds and broaden their horizons. They can know about the orbital movement of the planet and find the light of the stars. Everything revolves around each other and creates a constant movement that never ceases or stops forever. It shows a complete sense of balance in the space that keeps the sky standing and clouds floating in the air.

Availability Of Water And Oxygen:

Human beings need four basic things to live and survive in the world. However, they are air, water, fire, and soil. Air is the oxygen that keeps us alive. Therefore, without oxygen, no living being can think of its survival even for a few seconds. Water is another essential resource for living on the planet.

Hence, people need water for endless purposes. Drinking is the primary objective of finding the water to quench the thirst. So, it is not possible to live without water anywhere in the globe. Fire and soil are also crucial elements to survive on the space planet. Especially since it makes it impossible to live on the moon or Mars. However, Mars is the next most preferable place to visit in space after the moon. Therefore, scientists are finding valid clues to prove the availability of these elements on the planet.

Change Of Temperature And Seasons:

On the earth, four common seasons come every year. However, everyone welcomes and celebrates these seasons of summer, winter, autumn, and spring in chronological order of appearance. Rainfall and snowfall are due to the rise and fall of temperatures in the world. Hence, it is adjustable and manageable to survive in the heat and cold. Nobody knows the length of these seasons on any other strange planet. There can be a bit of difference between day and night. However, people have to see these things before deciding to shift to a new world in space.

Bottom Line:

All in all, these mentioned above are brilliant ideas to find a Genesis II Mission to colonize new worlds book. However, reading this book is beneficial to gain the concept and make implementations to make it possible to settle life on the planet. But it is not so easy to perform and can take an indefinite time. Therefore, this idea is more theoretical and less achievable in the current scenario. Hence, it might be possible to happen shortly.

Nevertheless, everything is above and beyond the time to take measures for the settlement. The colonization of space is merely an imaginary concept now. It involves countless things to see and understand for the government and the public. So, they must build a coalition to turn their imagination into a practical reality. Hence, the truth is also not impossible to achieve. It is rather challenging to do but not unattainable. Every country in the world wishes to launch its spaceship for experimentation purposes to send it to space.

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