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Spiral Wine Cellar Builders: How Do They Design Unique Storage Units?

There are a lot of things associated with constructing a wine cellar. Apart from keeping drinks, it can be used for many other purposes. Are you willing to create one of the stunning spiral cellars? Meeting with a skilled wine cellar builder is great to discuss whether it is the right design or there are options too. Experts not only listen to you but also offer guidance.

The key to having a good collection is that you can enjoy your drinks at any time. Do you have a concern about the design and how to make sure of a tasteful wine collection? Let’s discuss some design ideas and the factors to consider for maintaining your collection the right way-

Design Options Available for Building a Storage Unit

1. Classic Cellar to Give a Sophisticated Look

One of the superior choices would be a classic design of wine storage units. You can find them retro and sophisticated in appearance. It can bring a vintage style to your place.

2. Spiral Cellar to Store Drinks in a Compact Space

Another popular choice is spiral design. It is a compact-style storage unit that enables users to keep collections in a minimum space without worries.

3. Contemporary Design to Build a Modern Style Unit

Do you wish to create a modern-style unit? There should be no hesitation in creating a contemporary storage unit of your dreams. It can be built from small to large-sized storage.

Does Working on a Spiral Cellar Mean No Need for Cooling Units?

No, this is not at all the true thing. Irrespective of the design of cellar that you choose, you need to install a cooling unit. This is essential for keeping the temperature within desired level. Although spiral storage units are built underground, this doesn’t mean that storage conditions can be maintained automatically. Along with the said system, install a humidifier to keep the moisture content balanced within the cellar. This is how you can ensure ideal storage for years.

Does the Material of a Cellar Matter to Design It?

Of course, the material of a cellar matters when it is about creating a working storage unit. Several materials are available to work on cellar construction. For racks, wood can be a good choice along with glass. Marble can be the finest option when it comes to cellar walls. For doors and windows, the combination of wood and glass would be great.

Did you know? You can consult with expert builders to customise the unit by choosing material on your own. It may include concrete, ceramic, glass, marble, etc.

Things They Consider for Maintaining a Good Wine Collection

1. Temperature and Humidity control

The primary components to keep a good collection for long years are temperature and humidity-controlled units. Both of these components are used to maintain a temperature of up to 55oF and a humidity level of up to 70 per cent.

2. Furniture and Accessories

Setting up a space where you can sit with your colleagues, friends, and other guests would be great for enjoyment. By placing the required type of furniture, you can easily accommodate them and entertain everyone like you dream of.

3. Lighting Systems

Lighting systems also play a big role in cellar construction. As they are meant for looking at your collection in the dark, you can’t ignore them at any cost. Just make sure to choose the right LEDs to decorate your place and bring more charm.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the construction of a finest wine storage unit will be possible now without any worries. Make the most out of your project by allowing experts to create it. You may prefer installing some customised things but this doesn’t mean you can go for anything. Rather than scratching your head, discussing with a reliable wine cellar builder would be great. It becomes possible to design it in different ways and allow yourself to store your collection soon.

Plan your project as quickly as possible so that you can store different wines for an upcoming event. It also lets you enjoy quality time with your partner and friends at any time you want.

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