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How Calicut Experts Help Student to Study in Malta?

Calicut has a high literacy rate of 96.53%. It is more than the national average study rate of India 76.83%. Hence, here the students prefer high quality studies with practical experience in affordable prices. That’s why study in Maltabecame a highlight for students here. Because the country institutes offer budget courses to foreign learners However, the process of getting LOR from these colleges is tough. So study abroad consultants in Calicut help the students fulfill their desire to get admission to Malta colleges.

Let’s dig into the different aspects students should know about how studying in Malta can be good choice for Indian students.

Why Study in Malta?

Malta offers a unique blend of old and modern culture. The higher study system in Malta aligns and merges tradition with novelty. With strong global fame, this country attracts students world wide. In recent years, Malta has gained fame among Indian students. In addition, over 300 learners enrolled in 2023. Furthermore, the study system in the nation is well known for its facilities and various degrees that are accepted globally.

Over 1,500 foreign learners from all over the world enrolling for the 2024-25 scholar year in this nation for their higher studies. Hence, Malta stands out as a preferred choice for higher studies. Apart from this, the country has a population of about 519,000 over an area of 316 km. Because of the small area, it’s easy to travel and explore it.

So, how study in Malta can be perfect choice for students is clear, then know the top private and public colleges in Malta that offers budget courses for Indian learners.

Top Budget Friendly Universities in Malta

The education system in Malta is influenced by the British model. Moreover, it provides a structure and wide approach to education system in country. Colleges in Malta offers various courses that are designed to fulfill the needs of the global market.

Here are the top colleges with their popular courses for studying in Malta:

Public University

Two public colleges in Malta provide budget study. And to get into these colleges is not easy because of their low acceptance rate. Thus, to boost the chance of getting into these colleges study abroad consultants in Calicut can help them with their skills.

So, these institutes are:

University of Malta

Set up in 1592, the University of Malta is the highest ranked in the nation. It offers a wide range of UG and PG courses across various streams. It has a strong fame in academic quality and research in the country. This college attracts students from around the world.

Popular Courses

  1. BBA
  2. IT
  3. Engineering

Malta College of Art, Science, and Tech (MCAST)

MCAST is leading business studies course in Malta offering practical, career focused programs. Courses are designed to provide students skills for the global workforce, with modern facilities and industry internships. This college gives the best learning experience in diverse fields.

Popular Courses

  1. Business Studies
  2. Engineering
  3. Applied Science

Private University

In Malta, there is a wide range of private colleges that offer many popular courses. Choosing for one from hundreds of institutes is hard, but here are the top three private institutes to study in Malta for Indian students.

American University of Malta

Founded in partnership with American colleges, this college offers American style study in Europe. With a focus on liberal arts and professional courses. AUM provides students with a global view.

Popular Courses

  1. Liberal Arts
  2. Business
  3. IT

Global College Malta (GCM)

GCM offers worldwide known and high quality courses in Business and Management. If learner complete the courses, it provides them with lots of job possibilities in the market. Furthermore, learners who study in this college experience an open door policy. In addition, they also allocate a personal tutor for them to have a better study experience. That also assists them with their learning journey.

Popular Courses

  1. BBA
  2. MBA
  3. Finance

Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS)

Founded in 1987, ITS is Malta’s main study institute for hospitals and tourism. Also offers a wide range of study courses from UG to PG degree level. It prepare students with both theory and practical study in special labs for their future growth.

In addition, this college provides chances for students to start their internships. Also, prepare them for a competitive edge in the industry.

Popular Courses

  1. Management
  2. Tourist Guiding
  3. Hospitality

Above are the top colleges along with their popular courses. Now delve into the average cost of study in Malta.

Cost of Education

Living and studying in UK can be difficult for students. Tuition fees at Malta colleges vary based on factors such as the institutes and the course level, whether it’s a UG or PG program or you are pursuing the course in a private or public college. While thinking about living expenses, it’s essential to plan for utilities such as rent, transfers, grocery etc.

  • Below is a list of average annual tuition fees (INR) for the institutes.
  • University of Malta- 5L-9L
  • MCAST- 3L-6L
  • American University of Malta- 5L-8L
  • GCM- 4L-7L
  • ITS- 8L-11L

Hence, Malta institutes provide popular courses at budget prices for foreign students. But to get into these colleges is not as simple as it seems, it varies procedure and papers to submit in this process. So, to make this journey easy you can hire study abroad consultants in Calicut for the best guidance on this path.


In conclusion, study in Malta for Indian students can be a life changing experience. Because of their wide range of job possibilities and study system. Hence, this country is home to many reputed colleges. In addition, this nation institutes provides budget courses. Whether it’s a private or public and the average tuition fees for foreign students mentioned in the article to ease you work.

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