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Healthy Meals That You Can Actually Order From Restaurants

Online food delivery has taken over the food industry and is growing every day. It is not every time that you like to eat unhealthy food when you want to order from a restaurant. Sometimes you don’t like to cook at home and still want to eat something healthy, which is a great thought. Order healthy meals with Zomato Coupon Code through Cashaly to save more.

Today we will talk about the healthy food that you can easily order online from restaurants. Now, no more distractions from unhealthy food while ordering online, as we will help you order healthy food that will satisfy your cravings and fill your tummy.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the healthy dishes to order from restaurants.

Your Guide to Ordering Health-Conscious Meals From Restaurants

Let us go through the different healthy meals that you can order from restaurants.


Dal, or pulses, are a healthy choice when you are hungry and don’t feel like cooking. You get a great choice in this section, like arhar dal, moong dal, urad dal, and many more. Dal is a rich source of protein that completes your protein intake. It is the go-to meal for Indians, as we have them for lunch almost every day.

Almost every restaurant that serves continental cuisine will provide a variety of dal that you can order. To make your own customised meal, you can add some sabzi and roti, which makes it a complete and healthy meal for you. The dal is served with a mirchi tadka to enhance its taste, keeping it healthy to eat.


Rajma is another great option to add to the list of healthy dishes. It is also a great source of protein and keeps you full for a longer period of time. Rajma is the most popular meal people choose when they want to eat something healthy. This dish is available in almost every restaurant that serves North Indian food.

Usually, people love to eat rice with Rajma; however, you can also have some rotis with it. You can also add your favourite sabzi to Rajma if you are not satisfied with your plate. Adding some papad and pickles will help you digest your meal properly.


Chhole is another protein-rich diet that completes your protein intake. It is a delicious meal that people love when it comes to Indian food. You must have heard about Chhole bhature, which is not a healthy option to go for as the bhaturas are deep-fried in refined oil and made of maida.

However, rice is the best combination you can go for with chhole. Roti is also an option you can choose if you don’t like rice much. Or you can also make a combo of these three dishes and add some pickles and papad for taste, which will also keep your digestion intact.


Khhichdi sounds like food for a person who is not well, but this is the healthiest dish of all. Even if you are completely fine, you can have this dish and enjoy its authenticity. As we have always had this while suffering from coughs, colds, and fevers, we don’t like it much.

Still, it is the best choice when it comes to health and if you want to have something light. Khichdi with some green chutney or curd tastes amazing, and some people also love to have it with pickles. When cooked with veggies, it tastes amazing and doesn’t feel like you should have it when you are sick.

Idli Sambar

Idli sambar is a meal eaten on a daily basis in South India, either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Idli is made up of rice batter that is steamed and has a spongy texture. People also like to fry it using different vegetables and spices and then have it.

However, it is mostly eaten with sambar and nariyal chutney, which makes it the best meal. Sambar is made using dal and various vegetables, which is a healthy choice to go for. It has a sour taste that makes it more delicious when using lemon juice.

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Last but not least is thali, which is an authentic choice people go for when it comes to ordering healthy food online. Thali includes any one dal, sabzi, roti, raita, rice, pickle, papad, sweet, and some salad. These are the common foods you will find in a traditional thali.

However, restaurants provide different types of thali and also options to customise them as per your preference. Some might provide paneer or any other popular item loved by many people. You can choose your thali with the given option as per the restaurant’s menu.


In this blog, we have discussed the healthy dishes to order from restaurants. Swiggy coupons through Cashaly let you order your favourite healthy food with amazing offers. Make every meal healthy and tasty with the above-mentioned foods. Whenever you feel hungry and don’t feel like cooking, remember our Desi food, which is not only healthy but also yummy when prepared with Indian spices. Don’t let your cravings make you unhealthy, and switch to healthy options whenever you order food online.


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