Halo Engagement Rings: Styles, Settings, and More

When you’re deeply in love, finding the ideal engagement ring can seem challenging. However, halo engagement rings beautifully combine the brilliance of a center stone with a radiant surrounding ring. These captivating designs elevate the glamour factor, creating a stunning representation of everlasting love. Explore the different halo engagement ring settings and diamond shapes that can make your engagement ring genuinely exceptional. Discover the intricacies of hidden halo rings, double halos, and more to locate the breathtaking ring your partner will adore. Let’s delve into the dazzling world of halo diamond engagement rings and witness the shimmering magnificence that mirrors your romantic journey.

What are Halo Engagement Rings?

Halo engagement rings’ focal point is a central diamond encircled by smaller gems, creating a radiant halo effect. This dazzling halo makes the primary stone seem more substantial and luminous. These attention-grabbing rings are a sought-after option for those who desire maximum brilliance on their special day.

Popular Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Popular Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Settings
halo engagement ring settings

With so many gorgeous settings, you’ll have no trouble finding a halo engagement ring that suits your style. A halo design adds extra sparkle and dimension while highlighting the beauty of the center stone.

  • Prong Setting: A halo engagement ring’s prong setting is an extremely favored Minuscule metal prongs firmly secure the center diamond and halo, enabling maximum light penetration. Elegantly showcasing the glistening halo and central stone, this timeless setting radiates brilliance.
  • Bezel Setting: A bezel setting surrounds the halo and center diamond with a thin metal This provides extra protection while highlighting the halo design. Bezel settings have a sleek, contemporary look and are a great choice when you lead an active lifestyle.
  • Pave Band: For added sparkle, consider a halo engagement ring with a pave diamond band. Diamonds are embedded along the entire band, complementing the halo and center stone. A pave band gives the ring a glittering, almost icy appearance while showcasing the focal halo and
  • Double Halo: Double the halos, double the wow Double halo engagement rings feature two concentric halos surrounding the center diamond. The halos are often made of smaller diamonds to accentuate the size and brilliance of the main stone.

Choosing the Perfect Halo Engagement Ring

Choosing the Perfect Halo Engagement Ring
Perfect Halo Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is essential, and halo style engagement rings present a captivating option. When evaluating halo rings, consider these essential elements.

  • Center Stone: The halo effect works with any center diamond shape, so choose what you think your partner will Round, princess, emerald, and oval cuts are all popular choices.
  • Halo Size and Style: The halo can consist of smaller round diamonds, square diamonds, or a combination. A double halo, with two rings of diamonds, creates even more drama and sparkle. The width of the halo band can also vary, from a thin single row of diamonds to a wide band that almost touches the center
  • Metal Choice: When venturing into the world of halo engagement rings, it is standard to come across choices like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and White gold and platinum stand out for providing a brilliant foundation for the central diamond and the halo.
  • Additional Accents: Some halo rings come with beautiful diamond accents on the band, adding that extra touch of glamour. Pave, channel-set or prong-set diamonds offer exquisite choices to enhance the allure. Consider a split shank or double band for the ring for a unique twist.


Halo engagement rings allow for many beautiful choices. With various styles, settings, and designs available, finding the ideal ring becomes possible. However, considering your partner’s personality and preferences is crucial. Hidden halo engagement rings enhance the center stone’s sparkle, making smaller gems appear larger. Working with a reputable jeweler ensures you create a custom ring that reflects your unique love story.

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