Guide on How to Renew a Driving Licence Online in India

Every vehicle owner in India is required to have a driving license online. This document proves an individual’s automobile ownership and allows them to drive in their specific state.

However, the legitimacy of this document is specified. Individuals must contact their individual state’s transportation agency to renew their license.

A resident of Jharkhand, for example, must renew the card every twenty years.  Continue reading to learn how to renew your driver’s license.

How to Renew a Driver’s License Online and Offline?

Individuals should be aware that they must apply for a driving license renewal every twenty years or until they reach the age of fifty.


Ideally, people should visit the official transportation website and download Form 9. A car owner should be aware that possessing an up-to-date driver’s license will allow them to claim insurance without difficulty.


As a result, they should understand how to apply for a license renewal.

The steps for renewing your driver’s license online are as follows.


Renewal of a Driver’s License Online

Step 1: Go to the Parivahan Seva website and select the driving-related service and state.

Step 2: To proceed, select the DL renewal option.

Step 3: Fill out the form with the necessary information and upload it online.

Step 4: Pay the renewal fees and wait for officials to verify or scrutinize your application.

After completing the preceding steps, you will be given an acknowledgement receipt, which you must print.

What Documents Are Required for Driving Licence Renewal? 

Individuals must supply the following papers to complete the online application for driving license renewal.


Form 9 (application for renewal)

Original driving license Form 1A (medical certificate for persons over the age of 40)

two passport-sized photos

Form 1 (self-declaration of physical fitness proof)

Individuals who submit the driving license renewal form and the required documentation must pay a charge for the renewal process.


How Long Does It Take to Renew a Driver’s License Online?

Driving license renewal should ideally take no more than three days. Individuals will receive their renewal licenses through the mail.


Individuals should be aware that the government provides a thirty-day grace period following the expiration of a driver’s license.


Failure to renew within the grace period will result in increased fees. If a licensee requests for renewal within thirty days of its expiration date, the renewal will be effective as of that day.


If this application is made after thirty days of the license’s expiration date, the renewal will be effective from the date of application. As a punishment, these persons must pay an additional $30.


How to Check the Status of a Driver’s License Renewal?

Individuals can access the Parivahan portal for status updates after submitting a driving license renew driving licence application.


This eliminates the need to visit the RTO to find out the status of an application. This service is available on the State Government transportation portal as well as the Parivahan Sewa website.


The methods below will assist an individual in determining the status of their driving license renewal application.


Step 1: Go to the Parivahan Sewa website, choose the state, and then click on driving license related service under online services.

Step 2: From the driving licence menu, select the apply online option and then the application status option.

Step 3: Enter the application number, captcha, birth date, and other required information and submit.

The redirected page will appear.

the application status.


Individuals living in Jharkhand who own a vehicle should read the preceding debates. This would aid them in expediting the application process for Jharkhand driving license renewals.


Individuals will avoid paying penalties if they renew their driver’s license before the expiration date.


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