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Guaranteed Ways for Visa Approval: Study Abroad Agency Kochi

Attention, study abroad aspirants! If you are tired of long visa queues and rejection stress, this article is for you. There are the best study abroad agency to your rescue. Additionally, the article will discuss how experts can help you in your visa process. Moreover, there are many aspects to your study abroad journey. There are finances, stay, scholarships, and much more. These experts offer services that cover all of these.

In addition, this article will explain what leads to the rejection of a student visa. Also, there are tips and tricks by the study abroad agency in Kochi to get your visa approval. Let us start with how you can increase your chances of getting a study abroad visa approval.

Tips to Increase Chances of Study Abroad Visa Approval

The visa rejection rate had gone high last year. However, there are still ways to increase your visa approval chances:

  1. Apply on Time
  2. Frame Logical SOPs
  3. Have Strong Proof of Funds
  4. Accommodation proof
  5. Recheck Documents
  6. Ensure Your Return

The above points are explained in detail below:

Apply on Time

Firstly, apply way before the admission dates of your university. It will help you process your visa on time and you won’t have to apply for a deferment due to any delay. Moreover, the application process is going to take its time. You must have enough funds to pay the visa fee if there are any.

Frame Logical SOPs

Secondly, one of the most vital paperwork includes the statement of purpose (SOP). The best SOPs include the reasons why you wish to study abroad. Also, it tells why you chose that particular course with your plans and related career aspects. Moreover, the officers expect the SOP to reflect that you wish to return to your country. Thus, to draft an ideal SOP, you can join study abroad programs in Pune or any other city you are from to ease the process.

Have Strong Proof of Funds

Thirdly, having enough monetary aid is crucial. They want to confirm that you can study and stay in their country without relying on the expected income. Having strong proof that you can pay the tuition fee of the college you enrolled in is mandatory. Moreover, if you have more than one source of income, let them know. It will make your application more reliable.

Accommodation Proof

Furthermore, proof of proper housing and staying is mandatory for every scholar. You need to also ensure that you have enough money for the tuition fee along with your stay. A study abroad agency in Kochi can help can help you with the same. Most of them offer post arrival help to the students.

Recheck Documents

Fifthly, you can check your documents at least twice before submitting them. All the paperwork must be correct and updated. Moreover, incorrect or irrelevant documents also lead to visa rejection. Thus, you can make a list of all the required documents and then cross check with it.

Ensure Your Return

Lastly, this is another vital gesture. All your SOPs and LORs must reflect that you are planning to return to your country. It is for you to mention how you can use your course to be successful and do welfare for the nation. However, you can also include how you can benefit their country with your research, etc.

These are the tips to increase the chances of your visa application getting an approval. Moving ahead to explore how the experts can help you with the same.

Can a Study Abroad Agency Help You Get a Visa to Study Abroad?

If you are a study abroad aspirant, of course, you will face a lot of challenges. However, a study abroad agency can solve your problems. Be it university and course selection or the visa process or be it the English skill test or the financial aid. They have expert solutions for all the problems you can possibly face. The pointers below discuss how they can help you in the visa process:

  • Firstly, they will help you manage your documents and put them in order.
  • Secondly, they will prepare you for the interview at the visa office.
  • Thirdly, avoid the long queues and they will schedule the interview for you.
  • Lastly, they will offer pre departure aid and guidance for boarding.

These are a few ways in which a study abroad agency in Kochi can help you. However, there is a spike in visa rejections from various countries. There are several reasons for the same, let us find them out in the next section.

Reasons for Visa Rejection

The number of applicants for studying abroad is increasing. Moreover, the visa rejection rate is also on the rise due to stricter policies. Countries like Australia are imposing tight visa allowances due to the increase in number of immigrants.

Moreover, below are the seven main reasons why visas land on the rejection list:

  • Unclear Purpose
  • Lack of Proof of Funds
  • Criminal Records
  • No Intention to Return
  • No Accommodation Facility
  • Incorrect Applications
  • Diplomatic Ties

These pointers are in detail below:

Unclear Purpose

Firstly, students often leave their purpose of visit unclear or unstated. It is not correct. Besides, the officials pay a lot of attention to the details of the SOPs. Moreover, the candidate can also miss details like why they wish to study that course or in that country. Also, the SOPs mention how studying there benefits the country.

Lack of Proof of Funds

Secondly, there are many students whose study abroad journey is stuck on finances. However, the study abroad agency helps them in many ways. They offer loans, the best schemes by banks, and several scholarship options. Scholars can opt for what suits them the best.

Criminal Records

Thirdly, an applicant with a lot of criminal records can also become the reason for rejection. Even if they submit dishonest records and claim they don’t have pending cases or punishments. The officials will verify all your details with the government. Moreover, there are cases when a court forbids an individual from leaving the country. In addition, it can happen without conviction as well.

No Intention to Return

Fourthly, several people don’t wish to return to their country. They plan to settle there and be the citizens of foreign country. However, it majorly leaves a negative impact on the officials. It is good that cities like Pune are getting famous for the number of students who wish to go abroad. Yet, several of them focus on getting PR in the country they go to study in.

No Accommodation Facility

Furthermore, many students find it hard to search for a place to stay. Moreover, most of them do not have a sponsor either. Thus, it is tough for them to prove how and where they are going to stay. If the officials don’t get the proof of stay, they directly reject the application. However, a study abroad agency can cover this in their post arrival services.

Incorrect Applications

Applications must be complete and correct in all regard. Incorrect visa applications face direct rejection. Thus, the above pointer advised to check all the documents to submit an error free application.

Diplomatic Ties

Lastly, some countries prefer candidates from some specific nations more than others. On the other hand, some reject visas from some nations. It happens because of how diplomatically close these nations are.


To conclude, several cities support the overseas dreams of scholars. The Northern and the Southern India unite over these dreams. For instance, study abroad programs in Pune, Kochi, Jaipur, Delhi, and others. There are a lot of hurdles in the way of study abroad aspirants. However, experts from every corner of the country are ready to help them cross each one of them. is a platform that offers many services to study abroad aspirants.

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