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GMAT Focus Edition Format: All You Need to Know About the New Edition

If you aspire to study in the top B-schools in the world, you need to have a decent score on your GMAT for admission. But do you know what’s on the test? If not then don’t worry, just read this article.

In this article, we will look at the sections of the test and some tips that will help you to prepare. It will also help you decide if you need some GMAT coaching to prepare for the test.

An Overview of GMAT Focus Edition and its Test Sections

GMAT Focus Edition is the shorter version of the previous GMAT with a duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes. The exam has 64 questions in total with 3 test sections that include Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Data Insights. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 sections of the test.

  1. Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning section of the test measures your foundational knowledge of different branches of mathematics. You need logical reasoning and analytical skills and not a lot of math skills. This section has 21 questions and does not allow you to use the calculator.

Preparation Strategies for Quantitative Reasoning Section

You can prepare for this section of the test by using strategies like

  • Learn the rules, concepts, and other basics of these branches of mathematics.
  • For questions that have answers in approximation, glance at the answers first to help you choose as quickly as possible.
  • Try to solve problems in writing. This will help you to get accurate answers to questions.
  1. Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section of the test assesses your ability to read and understand written content, reason, and evaluate arguments. This section has 23 Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning questions.

These questions assess if you can draw inferences to follow the development of various concepts. The major theme of this section is to evaluate if you can find the main idea of the text, supporting ideas, inferences, style, and structure.

The critical thinking part of the test assesses the ability to make and evaluate arguments and create a plan of action. These questions are based on 100-word long passages. The short text in the test comes with a question to ask which of the statements supports or weakens the argument.

Preparation Strategies for Verbal Reasoning Section

Here are a few tips on test preparation for GMAT.

  • Read the passage carefully and analyze it before moving toward the questions.
  • Focus on keywords and phrases to familiarize yourself with the theme of the passage before moving to solve the questions.
  • For critical reasoning, determine how sound reasoning is. It is not necessary to judge the truth of something presented as fact.
  1. Data Insights

This section of the test measures your ability to analyze data to extract valuable information that can be interpreted, analyzed, and applied to real-world situations. It measures digital and data literacy. The section is 20 questions long and tests you in evaluating several types of information presented in the form of graphics, numbers and more to help you make more insightful decisions.

The questions require skills in subjects like math, verbal reasoning, and data analysis. For this section, you are allowed to use the calculator on the screen. The section will have questions related to Data Sufficiency, Muti-source reasoning, Table Analysis, Two-Part Analysis and Graphical Interpretation and more.

Preparation Strategies for Data Insights Section

Here are a few ways to prepare for this section.

  • For Data Sufficiency make sure to decide if the problem has an answer in a particular value or range this will help you to determine if you have enough data to answer the question
  • Read questions carefully to make sure you understand what is being asked and answer the questions.
  • Answer the questions based on the data provided instead of your knowledge of the subject.

In this article, we looked at each section of the test in detail and what are the steps you can take to prepare for it.

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