Getting To Know About Playing Card Games Manufacturer

Cards are the most common and entertaining element of gameplay, be it a deck or any other sought-after game.

While the world is captivated with playing cards where strategy, skill, and chances collide! Have you ever thought about what’s behind the scenes of this excitement and camaraderie of players? This article will give you an overview of how playing card games manufacturer create innovative card sets and give your journey a thrilling experience with their craftsmanship and master cards.


Let’s shuffle all the cards and find out how the card makers throw their cards into the manufacturing.


How does Card Game Manufacturing work?

There is a long process of manufacturing your card games cards and tuck boxes. From printing onto a parent sheet to cutting and arranging one pack, it has an intricate and assembled system to follow.


  1. Trimming of Playing Cards

Game cards manufacturers make parent sheets for your cards and then feed them on the trimming machine one time to make perfect cuts. Every sheet is precisely cut down into the shape and size of cards to create a stack and then arranged into the deck.


  1. Die Cutting Boxes

You have seen the unique and cute tuck boxes to put the deck of cards. These boxes are made by die-cut method to extract the box. It is unique flaps from the parent sheet. This method requires the patience and time of the artists to form blades to the box’s shape and use heavy pressure to make the design cut.


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  1. Smoothing and Rounding Cards

It is a time-consuming and beautiful process, therefore after taking the cards through the trimming machines, it is time to create the perfect shape out of it. Your cards leave rough edges around the edges and lines of cards. This is where the smooth edge machine works the best. Most playing cards have rounded corners to prevent the corners from being damaged; however, some creators do request square corners.


  1. Adding Linen Texture Finish

Linen texture is a special finish that creates a unique crosshatch pattern. It’s often used on Bicycle playing cards. The texture is added after printing and before cutting to size. The printed sheets are pressed with a crosshatch roller, and trimmed, and the corners are rounded.


  1. Card Assembling

When all the pieces are printed and cut, all that’s left is to assemble them together. Cards are organized on parent sheets in the order that they are to be assembled into each box, so collation is taking place at the same time they are being trimmed.


The cards arrive at the assembly line in crates with each deck completed and separated. Tuck boxes are folded to form and have a glue dot applied to the bottom flap for extra durability. Cards are then placed inside and sealed.


  1. Final Finish

Most card games are typically shrink-wrapped to provide added protection against theft and dirt. This process is essential if you plan to sell your games to retailers, who require games to be delivered in shrink wrap, and sometimes with hang tags applied.


A shrink wrap machine operates in three steps:

  1. The game cards manufacturers wraps the box in plastic shrink film.
  2. The film is sealed by a heavy clamp on the machine, with a straight seam line.
  3. The machine applies heat to the film, releasing the cold air out of tiny holes, causing the film to shrink to the shape of the box.


The final result will be precise to the specifications found in your quote and constructed with the best possible methods using only high-quality materials.


Ready to start?


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