Games as a Service: Is it a feasible model?

The gaming industry is booming the way it was never before. But will the GaaS (Games as a Service) model be an excellent option is a valid question?

It was a pandemic when one-third of the people were attracted to gaming. Keeping in mind the financial instability of people at that point in time, the GaaS model was introduced in March 2020.

Although, it is an excellent opportunity for unity 3d game development to collaborate with SaaS development companies, and create something unique for gamers. However, how fruitful it really grabs the attention.

The gaming industry was evaluated at $195.65 billion in 2021, and it is speculated that it will grow at 12.9% of CAGR for the forecast period 2022-2030. Source: grandviewresearch

Further, like to add that there are more than 3.24 million gamers worldwide who are actively play games. Johan Sundstein, who is considered a top professional gamer in the world, held an estimated net worth of $9 million.

The data is enough to show the current market value of the gaming industry.

However, it will still be mixed views on the GaaS model. Let’s try to understand it better.

Games as a Service

There was a time when we needed to plug the video game device into the television set and play the games. But that has limitations in that it cannot offer you anything new. A lack of updates invites boredom after some time.

Another problem that haunts gaming companies for a long is piracy. This problem not only makes a hole in the gaming company’s revenue but also ruins the gaming company’s image after running a pirated and faulty disc by the gamers.

This encourages the gaming companies to find the solution and end up at GaaS (Games as a Service).

Unlike older days, today, gaming companies offer additional and premium or paid features and updates. Therefore, it makes the companies realize that gaming could also be available on a subscription basis.

The GaaS business model helps the game development company in the monetization of its product. This model is intended to be long-term, with regular updates and offerings.

With an in-game purchase, a player can expect new in-build properties as well as challenges or quests. In addition, instead of paying a large sum to purchase the game, they only need to pay a subscription fee until they find the game interesting. The gamer can also deactivate the subscription at any time. As a result, gamer’s financial burden is reduced.

The subscription model, on the other hand, has the potential to generate more revenue than the one-time-purchase model.

As a result, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Games as a Service Revenue model

As we discussed, the majority of gaming companies offer their product on a subscription basis. Some other companies offer a license for different levels. However, in many ways, pure licensing is a little unfeasible and directly affects the revenue; therefore, there are three ways to monetize the game.


By providing in-game purchases, microtransactions help the game developer earn extra money. There are several types of microtransactions, which are listed below.

In-game currency

For non-gamer, I like to add that every game has some quest to achieve. For every achievement, the player gets some in-game currency. These currencies may help you to go further and buy some extra features or equipment that helps to complete the quest in advance levels. Many times companies offer to sell these in-game virtual currencies. To complete the pursuit quickly, players prefer to buy virtual currency.

Level unblocking

Many games are time-bound, in which the player must either wait until the completion of a specific quest or time limit or pay to gain early access to it.

This feature is primarily available when a company announces a new event or update. Typically, companies launch game events around festivals or celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Independence Day.

Companies may even provide after-event access if you do not meet your target. All of these players can obtain by paying real-world money.


One of the most exciting aspects of today’s gaming is the ability to customize and design your in-game appearance. There are numerous options for hair, nose, lips, body structure, clothing, and accessories. The majority of these customizations are available for free. However, some additional clothing accessories can make your character look cooler by spending some extra money. If you’re looking for an even more personalized and unique experience, consider exploring the offerings of a specialized character design company.

With this micro-transaction, a game development company can earn some extra dollars.

Chest opening

Some games provide opportunities to win bonuses by paying a certain amount. However, that offers anything from lowest to highest at random. Players typically view it as an opportunity to earn extra in-game currency, free avatars, advantages, in-game collectibles, and other benefits.


You may have seen advertisements to download other apps or games; this is another way to make money. Players are often allowed to watch a video or visit an ad to gain more coins and other benefits. As a result, players continue to see such advertisements in order to earn benefits. Gaming companies, on the other hand, make money by showing advertisements. Furthermore, the companies gain additional revenue from advertising content if the player downloads the app or another game. This is a fantastic way to make money.

Advert-free pass

Gaming companies also offer a pass to the players. Some severe player who doesn’t like to get stuck to regular advertisements and spoil the fun can opt for this pass and enjoy their gaming experience to the max.

Benefits of Games as a Service

Some of the significant benefits of ‘Game as a Service’ are as below:

  • Some gaming companies offer free play where the player can have limited access to the game and can update to full-game with payment.
  • Companies also offer regular updates that keep the player hooked on the game for longer.
  • The New Age GaaS model is available with support. Players can immediately contact the developer in case the player gets stuck in a glitch.
  • Players’ feedback and suggestion are always welcomed, and companies work to present the game as per players’ POV.
  • These games are easy to access, download, and play, which makes them more desirable.
  • The games have raised the capacity; therefore, they are suitable for Unified Playerbase without lagging issues.
  • The majority of games have crossover benefit that allows the player to choose any device as per their comfort.
  • Flexible billing is another thing liked by the players, where they only need to pay for a certain period of time when they choose to play.


‘Games as a service’ is creating a new age gaming experience. There is no doubt that this new GaaS model is an excellent cost-benefit for gamers and a good revenue model for unity 3d game development companies.

There is always a great scope for people and developers with passions, knowledge, and skills to develop games and apps. However, choosing the right SaaS development companies is essential to provide a seamless gaming experience to your customer.

Wishing you all happy gaming!

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