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Gallery Dept: Celebrate Individuality With Its Clothes

Gallery Dept is the best place to celebrate your individuality as its clothing collection blends both style and creativity. This unisex clothing brand was founded by Josué Thomas, who, with every design, tried to create something new. They believe in three things, i.e., collaborate, create, and rebel, which motivates individuals like you to express yourself. They have gone beyond traditional clothing and have started designing clothes that have the power to create vision and strong narratives that can bring out your individual artist. Gallery Dept keeps pushing the boundaries of fashion and bringing more pieces of clothing for both men and women which is exactly why this brand is very popular among various celebrities. 

Now, you must be wondering about what this clothing collection includes, so keep reading to find out more!

Variety Of gallery department clothing


The artistic look of hoodies comes in various designs that help you to express your individual self. These come in various colors, sizes, and designs like college, gym cut-off, vintage, ATK stacked logo, boxing zip, Dept logo, french zip, center logo, music lives on, beach baja, ’90s recycling, and many others. Some of these hoodies have pockets in the front and have printed graphics that you can wear for both casual and formal settings, while others may have wrinkles and scars, which are part of the design. These gallery dept clothes have been made either from cotton or polyester material to ensure that you get the best quality, while you can also get reversible hoodies for “art that kills” design. These may also include the following variety:

  • Zip-ups: Some zip-up hoodies have a sun-fade look, while the other has a plain look.
  • Crewnecks: You can easily find vibrant color crewnecks that have many graphics, like the big G-ball design.


You can get the t-shirts in jersey, Retouche reworked, auction, merch, skeleton beach, postcard, and many designs. Some of these have powerful graphics like a skeleton, big-G, etc., while others have writing like “art that kills,” “universal music connection,”  “dept de la Galerie,” and “it’s a riot” written on them. These T-shirts come in the following styles:

  • Short sleeves tees
  • button up shirts
  • long sleeve tees
  • Sleeveless tops


You can find many types of outwear with the gallery department clothing collection that has different designs and comes in different colors:

  • Jackets: some of the jackets have the vintage military camo design and a digital camo look, while others have Montecito, headline denim, canvas Andy, MVP satin, razor, cavin, and student varsity designs. These come in various other designs, giving you the choice to pick a piece that expresses you the best. Some of these come in printed look while the others have a plain but stylish look. 
  • Vest: There are many designs in the vest section as you can either choose the puff vest, highway design, logan vest, outlaw or EP vest that takes care of your comfort as well. 
  • Blazers: The Thomas sport, Chateau Josue linen, Razor, and double-breasted designs coming in the plain, check, and printed look can highlight your outfit. 


The following collection includes various types of bottoms for you so you can choose your own style and look:

  • Shorts: The shorts collection has gym, artisan, and Zuma shorts for you, available in many colors, sizes, and designs that may also include the printed look. 
  • Pants: The carpenter, 5001, la chino flares, Logan designs of these pants take care of your style while giving you the chance to dress openly as per your personality. 
  • Sweatpants: The GDlogo, dept gym, and other designs can also be found in the Sweatpants collection. 


The goal of the Gallery Dept is to create different powerful designs that can inspire you to express your individuality without compromising with your quality. Their collection includes clothes and accessories like bags, hats, socks, shoes, and belts that can help you to style and present the best version of yourself. They also work towards bringing the artist within you through bold and expressive designs. 

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