7 Must-Have Free Apps for Removing Objects from Photos

In the past, fixing these imperfect photos meant spending hours with photo editing software on your computer. But thanks to advances in AI and mobile technology, removing objects from photos is now surprisingly simple with dedicated free apps. 

From lightweight mobile apps to full-featured online software, there is a free photo editing app for every skill level and editing need. You’ll be equipped to say goodbye to those distracting elements forever and be left with perfectly polished photos you’ll love to share with family and friends.

So without further ado,  let’s explore 7 must-have free apps that can help you remove objects and photobombing elements to improve your photos without spending a dime.

1. YOUCAM Makeup

YOUCAM Makeup is one of the most enjoyable free photo editing apps to play around with, thanks to its innovative augmented reality filters and virtual makeup try-on feature. But beyond the fun, it also offers a very capable object-removal tool. 

  • YOUCAM, best known for allowing users to preview thousands of makeup looks directly on their smartphone camera, leverages advanced AI and AR technology to map your facial features in real-time. However, many people don’t realize this app can also be used to remove unwanted objects from photos. 
  • Using the eraser brush, simply trace around the object you want removed and watch as the AI seamlessly erases it, filling in the background contextually. You will be impressed by how well it analyses the surrounding pixels. 
  • You can also customize the strength of the removal. After tidying up your photos, you can then go back and experiment with the makeup filters, applying different looks virtually. It’s incredibly satisfying to see the transformations in real-time through your camera without any actual products being required. 
  • Whether you want to remove a photobombing stranger or try a new eye shadow palette, YOUCAM is perfect for quick and easy edits or just plain fun. 

The intuitive interface also makes it ideal for beginners or on-the-go touch-ups. It’s become one of my favorite lightweight apps for both practical photo fixes and creative exploration.

2. Snapseed by Google

While not as robust as Photoshop, Snapseed has all the basic free photo editing app tools you need, like selective edits, filters and, most importantly, an object removal tool. To remove objects, select the healing tool and brush over the area. Snapseed’s AI does an impressive job of analyzing the surrounding pixels and filling in the removed object seamlessly. It works best for small objects against clear backgrounds but is very effective. Snapseed also allows you to non-destructively edit photos in layers.

3. Facetune

While Facetune is best known for its selfie retouching tools, it also has a useful object removal feature. After selecting the eraser tool, trace around the object and Facetune’s AI will analyze and remove it, filling in the background using context-aware fill. It works well for removing small to medium objects or distractions from selfies and portraits. You can also customize the strength of the removal and undo your edits. Facetune is ideal for basic portrait or selfie touch-ups, including light object removal, skin smoothing and tweaking your appearance with sliders.

4. PhotoScan by Google

PhotoScan is a free mobile app from Google dedicated to scanning physical photos into high-quality digital files. But it also has a useful tool to remove items from photos for any digital photos already in your gallery. After scanning or selecting a photo, tap the eraser tool and brush over any unwanted objects or distractions. PhotoScan uses AI to seamlessly remove the object, filling in the background contextually. You can also manually paint over an area. Additional features include basic filters and editing tools. While a bit more limited than other editors, for basic scans and occasional object removal from mobile, PhotoScan is very handy to have.

5. Pixlr by Autodesk

Pixlr is a powerful free online and mobile photo editor that allows you to remove objects with the selection tool. Use the lasso or magic wand to select the object or area you want removed. Pixlr will analyze the selection and allow you to delete or replace it. You can also manually paint over the area with the brush tool for precise removal of objects. Additional features include layers, effects, filters and basic editing. Where Pixlr really shines is its large selection of advanced editing tools.

6. PhotoDirector Photo Editor 

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one free photo editing app with object removal among its many tools. To remove objects, select the eraser tool and trace the object you want gone. PhotoDirector analyzes the pixels and seamlessly removes it, filling in the background contextually. You can also manually paint over an area for more precise removal. Additional features include layers, filters, effects, text tools and one-tap automatic corrections. It works well for basic object removal from photos and is very easy to use. For a free app, PhotoDirector packs in a lot of functionality, making it a great, well-rounded choice.

7. InShot Photo Editor 

InShot is primarily a video editor, but it also has basic yet effective photo editing tools, including object removal. Simply select the eraser tool and brush over the object. InShot’s AI does an impressive job of analyzing the surrounding pixels to seamlessly remove objects. Additional features for photos include filters, overlays, frames and basic edits. Where InShot really shines, though, is its advanced video editing tools like cutting, splicing, effects and motion tracking. 

Final Words

With so many capable free apps, there’s really no excuse not to clean up those unwanted objects and distractions ruining your photos. Whether you prefer an online or mobile editor or need basic touch-ups or advanced tools, there is an editor here for any skill level and editing need. While none are as fully featured as Photoshop, these free options perform impressively for the cost. Be sure to experiment with different apps to see which interface and features you prefer. 

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