Because of the less awareness of the Setup procedure of Linksys RE7000, you can feel even the issue of port forwarding can also be resolved. We know how to do it. Yes, you read the article and see how we are doing it. So as you can.


When you install an extender the signals penetrate through the walls of your house. An extender is a device that extends the signal that it takes to get over the connectivity issues that it gets from the existing router placed at your house. Meanwhile, with the Linksys RE7000 setup, you can easily source up the strong signals. To maintain a strong signal, it penetrates through two walls. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up Linksys RE7000 devices in a whole new way.

Set Up With An Ethernet Cable

Linksys device has an already-fitted firewall that can prevent malicious

programs from hackers. They usually try to access most computer programs by entering your network. The routers are set with firewalls to prevent most programs or applications. Ensure your router’s settings allow you to use the applications or programs you want.

Port forwarding is done to pass the data through the internet application. A firewall is a medium to do that. With this one technique, you will get knowledge like how to forward ports on the existing smart Wifi router. By using the local access interface.

You Should Check These Before Beginning The Process

  • Check the documents of the product online to find what ports you want. As all the applications differ depending on the device.
  • Just note down the ports you want to forward and their IP addresses as well.

Keep The Ports On The Right Point 

This method allows one to set up public services. For example the networks. such as web servers, email servers, FTP servers, or other specialized internet applications. The user should assign the static IP address to the designated computer before using the Single Port Forwarding. But not every time these apps use internet access to perform their functions. Only video conferencing or some online gaming app does need that. Now access the internet through the web browser. Click Security

Settings are finally on the device.

LED Lights Instructions Are The Main Concern 

You will start getting confused because of the different lights on the extender. But all the light works differently. All the lights blink for different purposes. Though it is a confusing fact that all the lights are the same. But, the RED light is the indicator of a bad connection. So there can be different statuses of every LED light on the panel of the WiFi extender. A brief explanation of all indicator lights’ status is given here.


  • If the WPS button light is blinking blue then it means the connection is running well.
  • In case the status of the WPS LED gets off. However, the connection will automatically be disabled.

The Light Indication May Tell The Actual Situation

  • If the range extender and the existing router both are blinking the blue light then, as many of the users will still not be aware of this fact but it is true.
  • On the second note just check, if the range extender is nearly kept or away from the router. Do check for the RED LED from time to time. Better luck with your next procedure. As it clearly means the extender is the one working, not the existing device.
  • The extender will not be able to connect anyhow with the router if the LED light on the extender is off.

Troubleshoot The Issues To Fix Setup Problems

To fix the Linksys Setup issue, you must use the troubleshooting process to resolve it or you can run it by logging in to Linksys Extender. Moreover, if you are facing an accessing the page, then you should check the page for sure.

Note: This question is arising. Why does the Linksys extender login? Right. Because it helps you log in through the portal and you can complete the setup task easily.


  • This is essential to access the point to the router for connecting it properly.
  • You can log in to any device to retransmit the SSID router, to log in with a password.
  • Other wireless signals will depend on the distance and the range.
  • Everything will depend on the wireless signals, distance, and mainly on the range of the Linksys extender.
  • For instance, an Ethernet cable can run to the router in a detached garage that is far from home and attached to the Linksys Extender setup that will act as an access point.

We hope this article will help you in fixing the setup issues you were facing earlier.

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