Valentine’s Day Flower Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Valentine’s Day, the day of love and romance, is just around the corner. It’s a day when people express their affection for their loved ones through various gestures, and one of the most classic ways to do so is by giving flowers. However, in the realm of flowers, there exists a subtle yet significant etiquette that can make or break the gesture. So, before you pick up that bouquet, let’s delve into some do’s and don’ts of Valentine’s Day flower etiquette to ensure your gesture is received with warmth and appreciation.

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Valentine's Day Flower Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts
Valentine’s Day Flower Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s of Valentine’s Day Flower Etiquette

1. Know Your Recipient

Understanding your recipient’s preferences is paramount. Consider their favorite flowers, colors, and scents. If they have allergies, be cautious and opt for hypoallergenic blooms. Tailoring your choice to their tastes shows thoughtfulness and consideration.

2. Personalize the Arrangement

Adding a personal touch elevates the sentiment behind the flowers. Consider including a handwritten note expressing your feelings or a small trinket that holds significance to your relationship. This personalization demonstrates sincerity and affection.

3. Opt for Quality

Investing in high-quality flowers exhibits the value you place on your relationship. Choose blooms that are fresh, vibrant, and well-arranged. Quality reflects your commitment to providing the best for your loved one.

4. Consider the Setting

Consider where the flowers will be received. If it’s a formal event, opt for a classic bouquet or a single, elegant stem. For a more casual setting, a mixed arrangement or a whimsical bouquet may be more fitting. Matching the flowers to the setting ensures they complement the occasion seamlessly.

5. Timing Is Key

Timing is crucial when it comes to flower delivery. Aim for a delivery time when your recipient is likely to be available to receive them. Avoid sending flowers too early or too late in the day to ensure they are enjoyed at their freshest.

Don’ts of Valentine’s Day Flower Etiquette

1. Disregard Their Preferences

Ignoring your recipient’s preferences can convey thoughtlessness rather than affection. Avoid choosing flowers solely based on your own preferences and instead prioritize what will make them happy.

2. Forget the Presentation

Presentation matters as much as the flowers themselves. Avoid delivering flowers in a plain vase or without any accompanying embellishments. Thoughtful presentation enhances the overall gesture and makes it more memorable.

3. Skimp on Care

Proper care ensures the longevity of the flowers, allowing your sentiment to be cherished for days to come. Provide care instructions along with the flowers, including tips on watering, trimming stems, and avoiding direct sunlight or drafts.

4. Overlook Flower Symbolism

Each type of flower carries its own symbolism, so be mindful of the message you’re conveying. While roses are synonymous with love and passion, other flowers like lilies or orchids may have different connotations. Ensure the flowers you choose align with the sentiment you wish to express.

5. Disregard Delivery Details

Failing to consider delivery logistics can result in missed opportunities or mishaps. Ensure accurate delivery details, including the recipient’s address and any specific instructions for the delivery person. Confirming these details minimizes the risk of delays or misdeliveries.


In the language of love, flowers serve as eloquent messengers, conveying sentiments that words sometimes cannot. By adhering to the do’s and don’ts of Valentine’s Day flower etiquette, you can ensure that your floral gesture resonates deeply with your loved one. Remember, it’s not just about the flowers themselves but also the thought and care behind them that truly make the gesture special. So, this Valentine’s Day, let your flowers speak volumes about your love and appreciation.

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