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Flooring Ideas That Have Rocked the Last 5 Years

Flooring is an essential part of the house’s interior. Over the years, the kinds of flooring that are used in the houses have changed. It is said that you can find the age of the house with the help of flooring that the house has as the flooring follows a trend. There are various kinds of floors that are dominating the world of flooring today. In this article, we will be exploring what are the various kinds of flooring options that have been ruling the flooring market in the last five years so that you will have a good time choosing the right flooring for you which is not only people friendly but also trending at the same time.

1. Elevate with Engineered Oak Flooring

From rustic interiors to the soft, classic ones, the engineered oak flooring is best choice that you can make if you are someone who love the dark tone of the oak wood. The oak wood is known for its durability and the old-world charm and this has been captivating the hearts of millions from many years. This flooring has the natural grain pattern which makes it stand out from the rest of the flooring options. These are a few things which makes it compatible enough with all kinds of interiors and is therefore one of the best flooring option these days.

2. Luxury Beneath Your Feet: Marble-Effect Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have also been the people’s favourites for along time but, there were people who loved porcelain tiles while others loved the shine and the unmatched beauty of the marble. For those marble lovers, we have the marble effect porcelain tiles. These tiles are available with the beauty and grace of the marble but at a much cheaper and affordable rates in comparison to the real marbles. So, if you are someone who loved marbles but the price was too high to be paid, we have this special flooring idea for you. Adorn your living space with these marble inspired floorings and you will never be bored of the beauty of your house.

3. Gray Allure: Grey Engineered Herringbone Flooring

It has almost been half a decade and this marvellous grey flooring has taken the flooring world by a storm. There are various kinds of flooring options available but, the herringbone pattern has a different charm. This grey engineered herringbone flooring offers you a beautiful and a stylish alternative to the traditional hardwood floorings that we used to have in our houses years back. There were various problems wit the traditional hardwood such as the temperature changes, humidity, etc led to changes in the flooring which was overall not a good and efficient flooring idea. The engineered floorings are heat and water resistant which makes them the king of wood floorings.

4. Embrace the Raw Beauty: Unfinished Engineered Flooring

There are different types of people and so are their choice- different from each other. A few of them like to go for finished and glossy floorings while other opt for unfinished and natural ones. Unfinished flooring is the best for people who love to go for interiors with a natural look. There was a time when installing a hardwood in house meant that the house would requires a little too much maintenance but with the coming up of unfinished engineered flooring, things have become quite easy and manageable. This flooring has the beauty of unfinished natural wood and at the same time, has the strength and durability of the engineered wood too. This therefore is becoming the first choice of people these days.

Summing Up

There are various kinds of flooring options available and we have listed a few curated flooring ideas which are trending and durable too. You can easily order any of the flooring options that you love from any online store in the UK and they will get all your orders delivered to your doorsteps in a couple of days. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your flooring ideas executed as soon as possible and you will have a good time enjoying the interiors with your family.

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