The Best Possible Method to Fix Sage 50 Error 1605

Sage 50 is one of the widely used seamless accounting software programs that is being used by a number of small and midsize businesses all around the world to manage their accounts. The application is popular because of its outstanding features and services, such as payroll management, customer management, invoices, tax management, cash flow management, standard and essential accounting, and many more. Due to this, the software is becoming more popular day by day. However, there are times when you face some disturbance while operating the application.

One common issue that is known as Sage 50 Error 1605 occurs. Don’t worry! If this issue gets you stuck. This blog will make sure you get all the answers running through your mind and resolve the issue yourself without hiring an expert.

What do you mean by Sage 50 Error 1605?

Surely, Sage 50 will give you error 1605 when you try to uninstall an application that is not actually installed. Basically, the error code 1605 is a Windows error, which means “Error_Unknown_Product.” Which comes with the warning message “Error: 1605 this action is only valid for products that are currently installed.” If you want to fix this, you have to read this post and do the troubleshooting steps exactly as written.

What are the Causes of Error 1605 in Sage 50?

Error 1605 in Sage 50 emerged as a result of various unresolved issues with the NET Framework and difficulty with disc space, and it is possible that a third party is to blame. The reason could be anything, but you must ensure that you understand the main cause of the mistake in your system so that you can directly target the root cause and permanently eliminate the problem.

  • One of the most common reasons is the issue with the.NET framework.
  • The attack of a virus or third-party glitch.
  • Another reason could be the issue with the disk space.
  • Wrong settings for user access.
  • The corrupted or damaged computer disk drive.

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How to troubleshoot Error 1605 in Sage 50?

Now that you’ve determined the cause of the issue, it’s time to remove the error 1605 in the Sage 50 program. Whether you are running Sage 50 2021, Sage 50 2020, or any, Below, we have separately mentioned easy steps that you should follow to eliminate the issue from your system. So, without wasting time, let’s jump into the effective solution and start the procedure.

Important Note: Before implementing the method, it is very important to keep a backup of your Windows registry. You have reached a limit, please wait for some time.

 Troubleshoot the Sage 50 Error 1605 in Sage 50 2021.

  • First, you have to click on the Find option.
  • Now, hit the Edit tab and type {363A56EE-EF51-423A-89C5-B2494CDEFA3E}.
  • Choose the Find Next option, and the key {363A56EE-EF51-423A-89C5-B2494DCEFA3E} in the registry should be deleted.
  • If you find a key in another key folder named 363A56EE-EF51-423A-89C5-B2494DCEFA3E, go to the left pane and delete the entire folder 363A56EE-EF51-423A-89C5-B2494DCEFA3E.
  • To continue searching for the next key that contains the value, you have to press the F3 key on your keyboard.

Fix the Sage Error Code 1605 in Sage 50 2020.

  • Start the procedure by hitting the Find option.
  • Then, click on the Edit tab and type {ECFE78AE-B220-4A07-8D53-A9DD5A97269C}.
  • Hit the Find Next option.
  • Now, in the registry, delete all the keys named {ECFE78AE-B220-4A07-8D53-A9DD5A97269C}.
  • To get to the key, you can either delete the EA87EFCE022B70A4D8359ADDA57962C9 folder entirely or move it to a different key folder in the left pane.
  • Lastly, press the F3 key to continue searching for the next key that contains the value.

Solution for the Sage 50 2019 Version

  • Navigate to the Find tab and hit on the Edit option.
  • Here, you have to type {FAAEBF68-EC88-4147-B08F-A25DE8F3A005}.
  • Click on the Find Next option.
  • Now, delete the registry named {FAAEBFF68-EC88-4147-B08F-A25DE8F3A005}.
  • Delete the key if it is in another folder named as 86FBEAAF88CE74140BF82AD58E3F0A50A.
  • Click on the F3 key to continue searching for the key that contains the value.

Solution for Sage 50 2018

  • Repeat the same process as going to the Find section.
  • Click on the Edit option.
  • Here, you have to type {CDB21C1F-4317-4A76-8711-50F9FCF30542}.
  • Choose the Find Next option and delete the {CDB21C1F-4317-4A76-8711-50F9FCF30542} registry key.
  • If you find that the other key, F1C12BDC713467A47811059FCF3F5024, is in the left pane, then delete it.
  • At last, press the F3 key to carry on searching for the next key that contains the value.

 Method for the Sage 50 2017 Users

  • Click on the Find option and hit the Edit tab.
  • Now, type {040522E9-CDA8-495B-941D-8B4164A2CE49}.
  • Hit the Find Next tab.
  • Then, delete all the registry keys named {040522E9-CDA8-495B-941D-8B4164A2CE49}.
  • If you find another key folder named 9E2250408ADCB59449D1B814462AEC94 in the left panel, then delete it right away.
  • Hit the F3 key on your keyboard to continue the search for the next key, which contains the value.

Resolve the Sage Error 1605 2016 Version

  • First, you have to click on the Find tab.
  • Go to the Edit option and type {3F4F1778-F87C-4B08-BCE6-1BF3E42F26BD}.
  • Choose the Find Next option and delete all the registry keys named {3F4F1778-F87C-4B08-BCE6-1BF3E42F26BD}.
  • Delete the folder named as 8771F4F3C78F80B4CB6EB13F4EF262DB. Then delete it.
  • Lastly, press F3 to continue searching for the next key that contains the value.

 Sage 50 2015 Solution

  • Choose the Edit option in the Find section.
  • Now, type {1585982E-766D-476A-BF0D-5FE4A1C1BE9F} and hit the Find Next tab.
  • Delete all the keys named {1585982E-766D-476A-BF0D-5FE4A1C1BE9F} in the registry.
  • Check if the key is in another key folder in the left pane, then delete E2895851D667A674FBD0F54E1A1CEBF9.
  • Click on the F3 key to continue the search process.


Now, it’s time to wrap up the blog. We hope the troubleshooters listed above help you resolve Sage 50 Error 1605. In case you are still experiencing the same issue or are trapped in the middle of a glitch without hesitation, contact our technical experts immediately. You only need to dial our Sage Support Number to get quick, customized counsel, simple solutions, and life-saving advice, all under one roof. So, without further ado, clear up all of your questions and issues and effectively operate the Sage 50 application.

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