Five Celebrities Who Aced The Saree Look On Their Wedding

The saree, a six-yard wonder, is a garment steeped in tradition and elegance. It transcends fleeting trends, remaining a captivating symbol of Indian culture. Its graceful drape and versatility allow for endless creativity, adapting to various occasions and personal styles. But on a wedding day, the saree takes on a special significance.

For centuries, brides have adorned themselves in sarees for their wedding ceremonies. This tradition goes beyond simply wearing a beautiful garment; it’s a powerful expression of cultural heritage and a connection to generations of women who have come before. The saree becomes a symbol of love and embarking on a new chapter in life’s journey, woven with hopes and aspirations for the future.  This timeless tradition continues to inspire modern brides, who drape the saree with a touch of their own personality, making their wedding day a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

The saree’s status as a wedding attire is unparalleled, epitomising the perfect ensemble for brides across generations. Its significance as a bridal outfit has endured for years, symbolising not only the beauty of the occasion but also the enduring legacy of tradition and culture. Let’s explore the captivating wedding saree looks of five celebrities, each unique yet undeniably stunning.

  1. Deepika Padukone: A Regal Vision in Red and Gold

 Deepika Padukone’s wedding in 2018 continues to be a source of inspiration for brides-to-be. Her choice of a red and gold Kanjivaram saree from label Advaya from The House of Angadi, a Design House with multiple stores across Bengaluru with a rich weaving heritage, resonated with many. The Kanjivaram saree, known for its intricate weaving and luxurious texture, is a timeless classic in Indian bridal wear. Deepika’s saree featured a captivating design element – the Gandaberunda, a mythical two-headed bird symbolising wisdom and prosperity. The intricate brocade body accentuated the luxuriousness of the saree. Staying true to her South Indian roots, Deepika styled the saree in a traditional manner. A tightly wound bun adorned with fragrant gajra and a delicately crafted matha patti completed the regal look. The temple jewellery she wore added a touch of opulence, making her a vision in red and gold.

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For her reception, Deepika adorned a stunning gold saree, also an Advaya from The House of Angadi. The intricate real gold zari woven on butter soft drape, elevated its aesthetic to that of molten gold, radiating a resplendent glow against her skin. Each thread of zari seemed to weave a tale of timeless elegance as if capturing the essence of heritage and tradition within its golden embrace.

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  1. Yami Gautam: A Touch of Legacy in Every Rustle

Yami Gautam’s wedding saree was of special significance. She opted to wear her mother’s wedding saree, a stunning red silk masterpiece adorned with intricate gold details. The saree whispered stories of her family’s heritage, adding a deeply personal touch to her wedding attire. The dupatta, used as a veil, was a cherished gift from her maternal grandmother, further strengthening the bond between generations. To complete her wedding day ensemble, Yami adorned herself with traditional jewellery that exuded regal splendour and timeless charm. A resplendent gold choker set adorned her neck while a maang tikka graced her forehead with elegance. This choice resonated with many brides who value tradition and family heirlooms. In every detail of her ensemble, from the saree to the jewellery, Yami Gautam embodied the essence of legacy and love, creating a wedding day look that will be cherished for generations to come.


  1. Deepika Kamaiah: A Pop of Colour for a Vibrant Celebration

Deepika Kamaiah, a Femina Miss India finalist, a model, and a film actor celebrated her wedding with playful décor elements and a focus on family. As the bride, she stood out in a beautiful cream and gold Kanjeevaram saree with a contrasting bright pink border purchased from the famous showroom Angadi Galleria in Bengaluru. This unique colour combination complemented the wedding’s theme while maintaining the elegance of the Kanjeevaram weave. Deepika accessorised with traditional jewellery, creating a look that was both classic and playful. Her choice highlights the versatility of the saree, allowing brides to incorporate personal touches and reflect the unique spirit of their wedding celebration.



  1. Bhavna Kakar: A Vision of Elegance

Bhavna Kakar, the Founder, Editor, and publisher of TAKE on Art, graced her Shagun ceremony in a breathtaking Kanjeevaram saree from Advaya from The House Of Angadi. This limited edition piece, thoughtfully designed and handwoven, boasts a mesmerising floral jaal intricately woven with pure gold zari on a rich, deep pink silk canvas. Adorning such a masterpiece, Bhavna embodied timeless elegance and grace, making her saree a cherished addition to her trousseau.



  1. Preetha Nooyi: A Look Steeped In Tradition

Preetha Nooyi, daughter of former Pepsi Co. Chairman Indra Nooyi, donned an exquisite red and gold Advaya from The House Of Angadi for her traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. While collecting exquisite items for her daughter’s bridal trousseau on her trip to India, Indra Nooyi acquired an Advaya Kanjivaram from Angadi Heritage , a multi-designer Indian Luxury retail Destination in Bengaluru. 

The zari-woven silk saree featured intricately designed elephants, peacocks and lotuses. She further embellished her look with South Indian wedding jewellery in gold consisting of mango motifs. Preetha’s look paid homage to her roots, while her saree was carefully chosen to be cherished for years to come. 

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These five celebrities showcase the enduring allure of the saree for the modern bride. Whether steeped in tradition, a cherished family heirloom, or a reflection of personal style, the saree offers a canvas for a truly unforgettable wedding day look.

 If you are looking forward to opting for the sartorial saree on your big day, then you must explore Advaya, available at Angadi Heritage and Angadi Galleria. The exclusive choices, intricate textile details and endless choices of limited-edition sarees from Advaya should be on your list.

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