User-Friendly Methods to Export Outlook MSG Contacts to VCF Layout

The vast user base of the Microsoft Outlook client has many reasons why it is necessary to understand how to convert MSG to vCard. In the meantime, this article will cover more ground than only the necessity of determining if users should convert their SMS contacts to vCards. But the crucial issue at hand is how to export MSG to VCF, which will also be thoroughly covered to give consumers accurate information.

Communication with others is greatly dependent on contacts. In the current technological era, as internet usage rises, an increasing number of individuals desire to interact with others—whether on a personal or professional level. In terms of work settings, email programs are used by professionals to communicate with one another. Other clients do not support contacts kept in email apps. Nonetheless, users can move MSG contacts kept in email programs by using a standard format for the address book.

The standard format for storing address book contacts is called Business Card, or vCard, and it is compatible with most email programs and cellphones. Moving vCards VCF to email programs and vice versa is simple for users.

Exporting Contacts to vCard VCF Format from Outlook MSG

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email application that is frequently utilized by businesses. Users can effectively utilize this email program because of its user-friendly UI. Outlook uses the MSG format to store its single message file. Outlook users can occasionally need to backup their contacts to prevent them from being lost in the event of a data disaster. Furthermore, some users might also want to export a portion of their Outlook MSG contacts to their mobile devices.

One of the greatest solutions in this situation is to convert MSG to vCard format. Considering that VCF is compatible with a wide range of systems, it seems to be the best way to backup Outlook MSG contacts.

Procedure for Adding MSG Contacts to vCard (.vcf)

There are several ways to convert Outlook MSG to vCard format; some of them are included below:

Method 1: Create a vCard from MSG Contacts.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your PC and select Contacts.
  • To store an MSG contact as a vCard VCF, choose it.
  • Navigate to the file choice, located just above.
  • To begin the process of exporting the MSG2vCard format, choose the Save As option.
  • To export MSG contacts to vCard VCF format, choose to save them as vCard (.vcf) under the Save As type option.

Note: To convert MSG contacts to vCard format, you can only move one file at a time using the aforementioned approach.

Method 2: Use a Business Card to convert Outlook MSG to VCF.

  • Open contacts from the Microsoft Outlook email client.
  • After selecting forward contacts, choose business cards.
  • Enter the contact’s email address, which must be supplied in order to complete the MSG to VCF transfer process.
  • Mail should then be sent to the above address.
  • Open your mail when it’s finished to see the contact attachments.
  • Next, download the attachments needed to extract the contacts from Outlook MSG files into vCard VCF files.

Note: You cannot convert several contacts to VCF format at once owing to an attachment size constraint.

Third Approach: Expert-Solution

There is software called TrustVare Contact Manager that can help get over the drawbacks of the aforementioned techniques. In order to Export/Convert Outlook MSG Contacts to VCF Layout, the program is specifically made with all of the user’s needs in mind. The Contact Manager Tool does not impose any size restrictions when converting contacts from single message files to the.vcf format. Many choices are provided by the tool to carry out the data conversion, such as the preferred location and file naming scheme. Multiple Outlook MSG contacts can be converted to vCard VCF format in a matter of seconds by using this program.

Notable Contact Manager Software Features

  • Carries out an entire MSG contact migration.
  • Provides bulk conversion and dual-mode selection.
  • There is no file size restriction when saving as VCF.
  • It supports Windows and all versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Preserves the accuracy and integrity of MSG interactions.
  • Complete conversions with 100% accuracy and without errors.

For Free, Online, Convert MSG to VCF.

There is a free demo version available for the Contact Manager Tool. Users can easily grasp the full capability of the program thanks to the MSG to vCard shareware. Only one MSG contact can be transferred to VCF format because it is a demo edition. The tool’s licensed edition can be purchased in order to convert MSG contacts completely.

In Conclusion

In order to keep the job flow going, contacts are essential. As a result, many approaches to accomplishing the MSG contact conversion to the vCard format are covered in the discussion above. The above-mentioned third-party solution is the only way to export contacts from Outlook MSG to vCard format without encountering a size limitation problem.

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