Exploring And Getting to Know All The Characters of Cocomelon!

As a parent, I am sure that you are familiar with the famous YouTube channel Cocomelon. Cocomelon is one of the most famous kids’ YouTube channels that people use and if you are a parent or someone who has a small kid at home then, you have definitely used this channel to entertain and teach your kids new things.

Well, I am sure that with the amount of videos that you have watched, you have come to recognise the different characters appearing in the videos uploaded on the channel. There are a number of Cocomelon characters that appear in the videos and in this blog, we will be exploring all the cocomelon characters and their names so that you can also tell your kids about these characters.

Know the 3D Characters of Cocomelon

There are a lot of characters that appear in the videos of cocomelon and here, we are telling you about the main characters that appear in the videos so that you get yourself familiar with these characters.

1. JJ

JJ is the main character of the videos uploaded on Cocemelon. You can easily recognize JJ as a small boy with an ice-cream-shaped swirl on his head. JJ is always willing to lead a hand and you will find that he is not a quitter even if he appears to be small.

2. YoYo

The next cocomelon character names that you need to know about is YoYo. With boundless creativity, YoYo is the elder sister of JJ and she is often seen having fun with her brothers JJ and telling JJ new things so that he can learn more.

3. TomTom

The next character that you need to know is TomTom. TomTom is the elder brother of JJ and YoYo. TomTom is just like any other elder brother as he is always there to help his siblings. TomTom is a very curious character and he is always willing to learn new things with JJ.

4. Bingo

Bingo is the family pet of the Cocomelon family and you will be surprised to know that he is smarter than any other average puppy. Bingo is a very friendly and caring pup and is absolutely loved and cherished by his family.

5. Dad

You also need to know about the dad of JJ, TomTom and YoYo as he is always creating different situations which will make his family smile. From taking his kids on new adventures, he is a silly and sweet person who would go to any lengths for his family.

6. Mom

If you have a dad in the family then, you will also have a mom and she is one of the most important cocomelon characters names that you need to know. Even after having three kids, mom is always energetic and looking for fun in daily activities to make life interesting and fun for her kids.

7. Ms Appleberrry

There are a lot of kids that appear in the videos of cocomelon and Ms Appleberry is their teacher. Ms Appleberry ensures that all the kids get to learn and participate in the different activities that she starts. 

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