Essential Packaging Papers Used For Fragile Items

There are some items which are delicate, luxurious and fragile. These items always require extra care and protection. If you make a single mistake in maintaining these items, there are chances that they may break and become prone to damage. Similarly while shipping these items, they are packed cautiously so that they do not get damaged during transit and reach their destination safely and securely. Of course strong, rigid and durable cardboard boxes are of great help, however, these are not sufficient. You need some extra layers of protection to ensure that the items are completely safe. Fragile items like, glassware, chinaware, electronic devices, showpieces, jewellery pieces, mirrors, furniture items and so on are some of the products which require special care and protection. In order to provide them with different layers of protections, you need packaging supplies like a parcel wrap, kraft paper, bubble wrap and so on. Sometimes you also need edge guards, foam sheets and foam peanuts as well. However, it depends on the items which are to be packed inside the box, accordingly you can think about the layerings which are required.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the packaging papers which are used for fragile items. These papers are highly beneficial and if you have business where you are selling fragile items, you may need them. These packaging papers are available in different forms and designed specifically to cater different needs. They provide essential cushioning and padding to the fragile items, thus, protect them from external forces and potential damage like scratches, breakage and alike. You can easily get these packaging papers from your nearby stores and from different eCommerce websites as well. Packaging Now is one such website in the UK where you get different kinds of protective packaging, such as envelope boxes, parcel paper and so on. Let us now have a look at some of the packaging papers which can be used for providing additional layers of protection to the fragile items during transit.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is also known as brown parcel paper. This packaging paper is robust, strong and tear resistant. It acts as an outer layer for packaging. In short, while packaging a fragile item, you can first wrap it with a kraft paper then put it inside the box, because a kraft paper provides structural support to the item. The kraft paper also acts as a barrier against dust and moisture as well. Apart from this you can also use the kraft paper to fill the void inside the boxes so that during transit, the items do not move inside the boxes and get damaged before reaching their destination. For instance, if the box is slightly larger than the item and there are some voids inside the box, you can simply fill the voids by adding some crumpled kraft papers and if you still think that some more layers can be used then you can fill the box with foam peanuts as well.

Brown Parcel Paper

Tissue Paper

Another packaging paper which you can use as an additional layer for your fragile item is a tissue paper. It is slightly different from the tissue paper which we use for wiping our hands. The tissue paper which is being mentioned here is mainly designed for wrapping and packing only. This tissue paper is lightweight and soft and is exclusively used for wrapping fragile items before putting them inside the boxes. You must have seen these tissue papers being used for packing clothes, glassware, chinaware, jewellery pieces and so on. These tissue papers protect the surface of the item from scratches. They also provide an extra layer of insulation as well, thus, protecting the items from humidity and temperature variation during transit.

Corrugated Paper

Another packaging paper which is used for packing fragile items is corrugated paper. It is specifically known for its strength and rigidity. This paper is also used for manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes which are known for their strength and durability. It is because of the corrugated structure of the paper, it provides an additional layer of insulation and also helps in shock absorption. It ensures that the items are safe from all potential damage even during its rough handling.

Newspaper Offcuts

Summing Up

These are some of the packaging papers which are used in the packaging industry and eCommerce business to provide an extra layer of protection to fragile items. Apart from these papers, you can also use newspaper offcuts of various shapes and sizes for wrapping and layering the fragile items before putting them inside the box.

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