Essay on the Museum of the Future in Dubai

Essay on the Museum of the Future in Dubai

The Future Museum is one of the most visited museums by tourists and residents of the UAE because of its unique state-of-the-art architecture and vision of the future. The foremost inspiration of this museum was to create a form that showcases UAE’s future outlook which includes advancement in technology and especially AI. This amazing building with exhibition floors represents the future for the next 5 to 10 years. The location of this impeccable museum is adjacent to the Emirates Tower, an easy and reachable location for tourists

Among the development of many other buildings, the Museum of the Future will leave you mesmerized. From top to bottom, and outside to inside this building is a masterpiece. Essay Writing Service UAE found out that there are fewer or no other buildings constructed with such technology as the Museum of the Future. Its structure is ranked the 14 most beautiful museum in the world, and 14 most beautiful museums on the planet, a list presented by National Geographic. 

The Building Design – The Future Museum

 The Dubai Museum of the Future building is designed with a thoughtful architect and infrastructure. It comprised three main parts, the green hill, the building, and the void. The green hill represents the solidity, earth, rootedness in place, history, and time. The green hilly area is also the inspiration to raise the museum unobtrusively and calmly above the metro line. 

Similarly, the innovative upper building depicts mankind with all of its artistry, strength, power, and capability to create and maintain harmony in its surroundings. Covered with Arabic calligraphy relating to the future and showcasing mankind’s passion for the arts. In architectural language, the world defines the futurist’s picture of the museum as a “torus” with an elliptical void. The executive director of the Museum of the Future, Larth Carlson, compares it to an eye. The building itself is a sign of innovation with powerful meaning and even the unknown of the future present in the space. It is a 17,000m2 torus-shaped building covered with stainless steel with beautifully written calligraphy. It is a low-carbon design building which is a mixture of designs such as parametric design, low-energy, passive solar architecture, building integrated renewables, and with energy and water recovery strategy.  

 What Does the Arabic Calligraphy say? 

The Arabic calligraphy on the Future Museum includes three quotes from Sheikh Mohammed. The quotes in other words are, 

  1. We might not live for a hundred years, but our creativity can leave a legacy even after we are gone. 
  2. The future is for those who design, imagine, and execute it. 
  3. The future can be designed and built today and it does not wait. 

These quotes are the ultimate motivation for people and show the dedication, honesty, and commitment of UAE’s leaders to their country’s well-being and future. It is not just a quotation or calligraphy but symbolizes the human passion for eye-catching expression of the arts. 

What’s inside the future Museum?

No one would disagree that the jaw-dropping interiors of the future Museum are a visual treat to the eyes. There are a total of seven floors and each floor is dedicated to different concepts such as climate change, space travel, technological advancement, etc. On the 5th floor, it’s the first chapter, you can have a space travel experience named OSS Hope. The 2nd chapter is the heal institute situated on the 4th floor with the beauty of the Amazon forest, and the 3rd floor has the third chapter, Al Waha, to help you connect and heal your mind. This section is one of the most interesting as you can take a break from digital mediums and be a part of the healing process. The last chapter is for kids who are the future heroes of the nation. Another chapter is on futuristic technologies, talking about today and tomorrow. Hence, each floor has with new chapter, concept, and understanding of the upcoming unexpected and technologically advanced future. 

Exploring Human Potential and Possibilities 

The intricacies of design and the features inside outspread a beautiful message of courage and motivation. The oval-shaped museum of the future in Dubai discovers possibilities of future and human potential. The DNA library, futuristic technologies, mixed reality recreation of the Amazon rainforest, and messages of renowned scientists. Even a day spent in this museum can not be enough. This astonishing building well explains its goals to provide light in the dark and it teaches that the world is beyond anxiety and criticism. 

The best part is how technology has been used to define every piece of this museum. Mr. Belhoul (the foundation’s chief executive) said the adjustments involve human intervention, it was more human than cranes. It’s even hard to imagine to build such a masterpiece, fixing each rung of panels perfectly, and executing a flawless masterpiece. 

The future museum ticket prices and the best time to visit

If you are planning to visit this amazing masterwork the recommendations are that you should visit as early in a day time as possible. Especially if you want to visit with children, you must not be late than 10 am. Once you enter the museum try to buy a ticket and move towards the lift where you will get the entry. Later, you can visit stalls to buy sovereigns and enjoy food stalls on the entrance floor. The reason behind this is the increased rush of people and the long waiting line. Also, when you can get more time to be in the museum as fast you will move. 

The ticket price varies when you buy it online, and it is suggested to buy your tickets online with different applications such as Agoda. Buying your ticket online can get you discounts and packages for groups visiting the museum. The prices start from Dhs 149 to more depending on the offers, discounts, and number of people visiting the museum. 

To conclude, the Museum of the Future is the next big place for inventors and entrepreneurs offering an atmosphere that empowers creative minds to fund, test, and market ideas for futuristic services and prototypes. This award-winning building by Tikla International building award is a unique architectural model. If you haven’t visited the Museum of the Future yet, we would say that it is a must-visit and recommended place to give a visual treat to your eyes, to see what’s in the future, and to follow the proactive approach towards the future. Assignment Help Dubai wishes the visitors all the best and a mesmerizing experience of the future Museum Dubai. 

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