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Effects of child sleeping with Parents and Why People Choose It

The effects of child sleeping with parents include low confidence and sleep issues. Doctors also discourage it because it can increase the risk of SIDS in babies.

People have mixed views about child sleeping with parent. While many parents are in favor of it, some are totally against this idea. Co sleeping refers to sharing a sleep environment with your child and is usually not recommended by professionals because of its potential disadvantages. Moreover, this practice is not encouraged due to its association with the increased risks of accidental deaths in babies. Apart from this, it also impacts the mental development of children. In this article, we are going to talk about the effects of child sleeping with parents. We will discuss its pros and cons to assess the impact of this practice.

Co Sleeping with infants

It is considered necessary for the parent to be by their newborn’s side 24/7. Still, co sleeping remains a contradictory topic. You should know that co-sleeping has two types: bed-sharing and room-sharing. While parents prefer sharing beds with their babies to keep them close, pediatrics don’t usually recommend it. There is a solid reason behind it. When you are sharing the bed with your infant, they become at risk of SIDs and suffocation. However, many parents still choose this practice. It is because it makes it easy for them to respond to their child’s needs like breastfeeding. Additionally, sleeping near the child improves the sleep quality of the mother, with fewer disruptions. It also strengthens the bond between the newborn and mother. On the other hand, doctors encourage room-sharing with babies up to six months to ensure they are safe and their needs are met.

Key Takeaway: Sharing a bed with your newborn has both positives and negatives. If you choose to share a bed with your baby, it is necessary to ensure their safety. Make sure there is no heavy object nearby that can harm them. Also, make sure that they get enough space to avoid suffocation. Moreover, child sleeping with parents comes with some benefits as well. Mothers can conveniently breastfeed their babies and address other needs on time. 

Effects of Child Sleeping with Parents

Co sleeping with your child sure is convenient. However, it can lead to several psychological and behavioral issues in children. It also impacts the sleep quality of both children and parents. Here are some of the effects of child sleeping with parents:

Sleep Issues

Another one of the effects of child sleeping with parents is sleep issues. Having a shared sleep environment can cause sleep issues for both parents and children. When it comes to sleeping with infant, you have to be more conscious. In this case, you have to be careful about your sleep positions and arrangement. As a result, it takes away your freedom to sleep and causes disruptions. Moreover, it can disturb the sleep patterns of both the child and parents. A reduced sleep quality negatively impacts the overall well-being and functioning throughout the day. Children can also experience sleep anxiety as a consequence of co-sleeping.

Impact on Psychological Development

Many parents think co sleeping with their children helps them cater to their needs on time. This is true but many don’t know that it delays the psychological development of your child. In fact, children who co sleep with parents suffer from a lack of confidence and social anxiety. In addition, this practice can also impact your child’s ability to make decisions as he feels totally dependent on you. Other effects include memory loss and low energy levels. Sharing a sleep environment may seem a beneficial practice to parents as they usually ignore its long-term impact on the minds of their children. 

Separation Anxiety

As mentioned before, prolonged co-sleeping can lead to low confidence and a lack of decision-making skills in children. Another negative impact is that your child may develop separation anxiety. They may find it difficult to be on their own and make decisions as they are growing. Plus, your child may feel anxious in unfamiliar environments. Many children also find it difficult to sleep independently. Therefore, parents should timely transition to more independent sleep arrangements to ensure the healthy psychological development of their children. Encouraging age-appropriate sleeping independence also creates a sense of self-assurance and independence in your child.

Difficulty Setting Boundaries

Being a parent is not easy. Most of your time is consumed taking care of your child. As a result, you don’t have much time to spend with your partner or spouse. Usually, couples only have evenings to themselves. But when you are co-sleeping with your kids, your quality time with your partner is compromised. This not only leaves limited space for intimacy but also leads to relationship problems. This is why, it is important to set boundaries with children and encourage them to sleep independently. This step is beneficial for the well-being of your children and your relationship.

Why Parents Choose Co sleeping

Doctors and health professionals don’t speak in favor of co-sleeping. Still, many parents choose it because of the benefits like convenience and bonding. Undoubtedly, sharing a bed with your baby makes it easy for you to respond to their needs without causing any disruption. Also, parents are instinctive to be close to their newly born child. That is also why they prefer sharing a bed with them. Staying close to the mother calms the baby and makes their emotional bond stronger. In many cultures, parents co sleep with their children of older age. This is consider highly contradictory by health professionals because of the absence of any perceived benefits.


Whether you choose to co sleep with your child or adopt independent sleeping arrangement, the decision is yours. However, you should consider the positive and negative effects of child sleeping with parents to make an informed choice. While co sleeping may be convenient, it can lead to several psychological issues in your child during their growing age. Plus, it can cause sleep issues and impact your quality time as a couple.


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