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Easy Ways to Understand the PTE Exam Pattern

If you are a study abroad aspirant, your chosen college might have asked you for your PTE scores. The best way to crack PTE in one go is by knowing the PTE exam pattern well. This article will start with what the PTE exam is and what is it’s credibility. Moreover, it will also explain the pattern and discuss the five most efficient tips to crack the PTE exam in one go. In addition, it will explain how online PTE coaching can help you save time, money, and effort.

Introduction to PTE

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is one of the most accepted English proficiency tests in the world. In countries where English is the first language, foreign students/workers must confirm that they can communicate well in English. Moreover, all the institutes, companies, and colleges there demand a good score in it. There are many other English skill tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT. PTE exam syllabus is a bit different and it is up to the students which test are they willing to take.

Furthermore, many universities accept PTE scores. More than 3500+ of them, globally, accept PTE scores to give admission or hire employees. The PTE exam tests the English listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills of a person. The below section will help you understand the pattern of the PTE exam.

PTE Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of the PTE is similar to the IELTS exam. These exams have four sections. Listening, writing, speaking, and reading are the four sections. Read the pointers below to understand the PTE exam pattern well.

Writing and Speaking

Firstly, this is the longest section of them all. Refer to the table below for the task and its details.

 Task Time 54-67 Minutes


Task Details

 There are 7 Questions:

Personal Introduction (the score does not count)


1. Read Aloud: Speak what you read on your screen- text upto 60 words

2. Repeat Sentence: Repeat the sentence you heard in a prompt of upto 9 secs

3. Describe Image: speaking for 40 seconds on a image you see on the screen.

4. Re-tell Lecture: Re-tell a lecture of 90 seconds in 40 seconds

5. Answer Short Question: Answer in 10 seconds with a few words after hearing a 9 seconds prompt

6. Summarize Written Text: After reading a text of 300 words, write a one liner summary in 10 minutes.

7. Essay: Write a 300 words essay in 20 minutes on a prompt of 2-3 sentences.

You don’t have to repeat what you say. You can only speak once and get assessed on that. At online PTE coaching, a mentor focuses on managing time as it is vital for this section.


Secondly, the candidate has to read and answer the questions for about 30 minutes. Refer to the table below for the task and its details.

 Task Time 29-30 Minutes




Task Details


It has 5 different questions:


1. Fill in the Blanks: Read a prompt of 300 words. Fill in the missing words from a paragraph.

2. MCQs: Read a prompt of upto 300 words. Answer MCQs based on the text.

3. Re-order Paras: Read a text upto 150 words. arrange the text boxes in right order on the screen.

4. Fill in the Blanks: Read text upto 80 words. fill in the missing words.

5. MCQ, Single Answer: Read upto 300 words. answer the questions


Thirdly, the last section is the listening part of the PTE exam pattern. It is to assess how well you can understand the English you listen to. The table below will give you the further details of the task:

Task Time 30-43 minutes 







Task Details


It has 8 different questions:


1. Summarize spoken text: Listen to a prompt of upto 90 seconds. Write a 70 words summary.

2. MCQs: Listen to a prompt of upto 90 seconds. Choose the correct ans.

3. Fill in the blanks: Listen to a prompt of upto 60 secs. Fill in the missiong words in a para.

4. Highlight Correct Summary: Listen to a prompt of upto 90 secs. Select the best summary of the recording.

5. MCQs/Short answer: Listen to a 90 secs recording. answer accordingly.

6. Select missing word: Select the missing word from a list after listening a prompt of 70 secs

7. Highlight incorrect words: Listen to a 50 secs prompt. Answer while listening and identify the words wrongly placed.

8. Write from Dictation: Write what you hear for 5 seconds

These are the various parts of the PTE exam pattern. Now, let us learn some tips and tricks to crack the PTE exam in one go.

5 Tips to Crack PTE Academic on First Attempt

The following five tips will help you crack the PTE exam with a good score:

Practice Consistently

First and foremost is the practice that you do. You have to put in time and effort to win this exam. English is a vast language. This tip especially applies to those who are learning English as a beginner. Practicing daily, indeed, is the most heard advice of all. However, it is also one of the most efficient ones. Moreover, it is the toughest to follow as well!

Listen to English Outside Practice

Secondly, do not cut off English outside PTE practice. It is better for you if you listen to English shows more. In addition, you can also resort to reading English subtitles if listening becomes boring.

Practice Speaking to Yourself

Thirdly, you must practice speaking English more often. Speaking in English will not only build confidence but also fluency. Moreover, you will learn to express yourself better.

Learn to Manage Your Time

Fourthly, for the sake of the PTE exam, manage time. You will not get the eternity to solve the paper. Thus, it is better to get good at things like typing fast. It can buy you some time to think before answering.

Take Online Coaching

Lastly, you can always refer to an expert if you need help with preparing alone. Moreover, with online PTE coaching, you can get one on one assistance. Several institutes help students prepare for the PTE exam and offer personal teaching. In addition, a good mentor can also keep you in check in case you have a habit of leaving things in between.


To sum up, it is for your best to understand the PTE exam pattern well. The language experts cannot learn and give exam on your behalf. No matter how you prepare for the PTE exam but, you will have to put in efforts. You cannot expect a miracle but a mentor. has experts who work with you for your dreams. They not only assist you in the language but in every step of your study abroad dream. Scoring well in PTE and getting the desired score is vital to get admission. It is crucial to learn the PTE syllabus and prepare well for that. Book a free session with an expert at now to learn what you can do to improve your English proficiency.

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