Easy Techniques to Fix Constant Reboots of WiFi Router

Usually, the user is suggested to reboot a WiFi router if there are any network-related issues. But, the problem can be bigger when the constant reboots of a WiFi router show up. With that being said, we have penned down this article in which we will share some techniques that you can use if your router is also stuck in a reboot loop. Keep reading.

This is for your general information while fixing the constant reboots of your WiFi router, you might need to access the management utility page through IP So, be ready for the same.

How to Fix Constant Reboots of WiFi Router?

  1. Give Some Rest to the Router

Perhaps your WiFi router needs some rest due to which it is rebooting now and then. Why don’t you let it rest for half an hour? What we are suggesting you to do is power down the router and keep it in the same mode for some time. When you think that you have given it enough time for rest, power it up once again and check if the rebooting problem still exists. If it does, you should not wait to implement the upcoming hack.

  1. Check the Power Supply

Sometimes, inadequate power supply is the reason why you are facing issues with your WiFi router. Know that when the router is not connected to a working wall socket, it gets an improper power supply and the chances of occurrence of various issues increase. Therefore, you should be very sure that the power supply to the router is proper. You must not connect the router to an improperly working socket. If power issues exist from backend, you ought to use a UPS.

  1. Update the Firmware

The firmware of a networking device deals with its hardware as well software. It means whenever a networking device starts acting odd, there is a high possibility that its firmware has become outdated. So, you are now well aware of what needs to be done. To be very specific, install the latest firmware version on the router. You must ensure that you are not uploading the incorrect firmware file on the router. It must be in accordance to the router model you own. You can get successful with the firmware update process if you access the management panel through the default IP address.

  1. Reduce the Network Traffic

Have you connected too many WiFi clients to your router’s network? If the limit is exceeding, then it is no wonder why your WiFi router keeps rebooting continuously. Thus, you are suggested to log in to the WiFi router and check if any unauthorized user is accessing your network or not. Use the inbuilt MAC filtering feature to block him in case any unauthorized user is found. Apart from this, disconnect additional devices connected to the network of your Netgear router.

  1. Relocate the Router

If your router is placed in a location where it is experiencing signal interference then it no wonder why it is stuck in a constant reboot loop. Therefore, you should relocate the router as soon as possible. It needs to be placed away from devices that emit electromagnetic radiations. For example, refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, baby monitors, etc. If possible try to place your router in a well-ventilated location. But, make sure that you are not keeping it at a location where it is exposed to direct sunlight.

The Concluding Words

That’s all about what to do if you are tired of constant reboots of your WiFi router. We are now expecting that you have successfully fixed the issue. Just in case you are still witnessing random reboots, there is some serious configuration problem. Reset the router and set it up once again.

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