Duolingo Listening Section Tips for Overcoming Accent Fear

We’re all aware that understanding and picking a foreign accent can be challenging at first. However, having the right accent can help you leave a lasting impression on the examiner’s mind. As a Duolingo student, we recommend that you do not listen to English. You must, however, listen to English as if you were another speaker. There is no doubt that English is spoken differently throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, America, Australia, and the United States. If you are prepared to take the Duolingo test, then there’s the accent, the most important thing to remember. 

You must retain a precise accent throughout the exam. We strongly advise you to spend quality time communicating with your loved ones. You should work on improving your vocabulary as well as pronouncing the tough ones. Unlike most native speakers, you seldom need to practice the right Duolingo format before taking the Duolingo Exam. It’s impossible to learn the accent in two or three days because it can take years of practice. It can appear if you regularly listen to a certain type of accent and try to implement it in your daily conversation. If are an aspirant for the Duolingo test, then hooking up with the best Duolingo Coaching Centre is a very productive decision.

Before entering the examination hall, thoroughly study all of the Duolingo listening exam guidelines;

What can you expect from the Duolingo test? 

Assume two types of discussions are taking place in front of you. In the first, you can hear two friends discussing in the background about some cultural topic. In the other, four people are talking about something either academic or general discussion and maybe the topic is largely about education or training. On the other hand, there is a similar form of monologue in which the first is based on a regular social occasion while the second is strictly intellectual. You can easily find the relevant source if you want to learn more about this. Listening to official guidelines and rules will also let you not skip the essentials.

Accent types are distinguished.

As we all know, the Duolingo listening test requires you to hear a variety of voices. The game revolves entirely around learning the accent. If you have a North American, American, Australian, or British accent, you are ready to take the exam. There is a wide range of speakers with varying communication types and styles.

Yes, your teacher may have told you that your accent doesn’t matter that much. However, if you want to impress the examiner, this is one of the most important considerations. The accent is all about pronunciation and practicing its vocals and tunes.

Take the practice route.

Practice is the only thing that can easily help you gain another type of accent in a short amount of time. You might consider watching your favorite show in English and trying to imitate their accent. The more you practice, the more you will be able to progress in the Hall of Fame for good scores. The top teachers are hard to find when everybody is trying to teach students for less pay without offering quality education. Yes, there are a few rules that must be rigorously followed, and the more you listen, the more you’ll want to speak with a certain accent. No need to get astonished as this is the general way our minds work. 

Consider preparing for the opposite type of accent.

We’d like to remind you that you must rigorously train yourself as there is little question that you would be able to identify diverse accents. If you require sufficient assistance, you can easily consider watching various types of films from various communities. We propose that you start by watching English-based documentaries to practice your accent. This is the ideal approach that will easily assist you in developing in the right direction. You might also consider listening to podcasts to feel more involved and capable of tackling any type of difficulty. However, if you wish to pass the forthcoming Duolingo exam, try contacting the Duolingo Coaching Centre in Amritsar.


From a deep analysis, we can say that every individual has a unique accent and way of speaking a certain way. We hope this article has helped you understand why accent is important in the Duolingo exam. Read all of the statements to avoid having to face the repercussions later or you can also come up with your distinctive accent but consider the understanding of what you say and listen.

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